USgamer Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Game of E3 2017?

USgamer Community Question: What Is Your Favorite Game of E3 2017?

The team names its nominees for the best of this year's show and opens voting for the community's picks.

We're at E3 2017 covering the year's biggest gaming event. Be sure to check out all our coverage on our E3 2017 hub!

Oh my god, I can breathe again. We can all breathe again. Well, almost.

The 2017 edition of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is spiraling to an end. We had some laughs. Some gasps. Some groans. Some enthusiastic nods. Kat, Mike, and Matt played a whole bunch of games this week, while Nadia, Caty, Hirun, and Tom kept the ship sailing from home. We had a good time, but a busy time.

There were a whole bunch of games shown this E3, as always. A lot were unplayable, while some we could tangibly get our hands on. We've nominated our favorite games of the show, from very light reveals to the demos we played or saw. But of course, that's just us! We want to know what you loved most at E3 this year. Was it seeing more of Papa Kratos on an adventure? Seeing Mario possess a human being with just his hat? Or was it something else entirely? We wanna know.

But first, our team's own nominations. These aren't all the games we played and saw across E3, but just the ones that stick out in our memory. Our favorites, you could say. We have three particular groupings for our nominees: our favorite playable game, our favorite non-playable game, and our favorite reveal. Below, you can find our top 10 nominees plus our favorite reveals. You can look forward to our picks—and yours—for Game of the Show sometime soon.

Our Top 10 (Both Playable and Non-Playable)

Super Mario Odyssey
Nintendo EPD | Nintendo

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
MachineGames | Bethesda

Assassin's Creed: Origins
Ubisoft Montreal | Ubisoft

Madden NFL 18
EA Tiburon | EA Sports

A Way Out
Hazelight Studios | EA

Forza Motorsport 7
Turn 10 Studios | Microsoft

Insomniac Games | Sony

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Dragonball FighterZ
Arc System Works | Bandai Namco

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Ubisoft Milan/Paris | Ubisoft

Most Exciting Reveal

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Ubisoft Montpellier | Ubisoft

BioWare | EA

Shadow of the Colossus Remake
Japan Studio/Bluepoint | Sony

Metroid Prime 4 / Metroid: Return of Samus

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV (blame Caty)
Square Enix

Community voting

But enough about us. We want to know what you were most impressed by this year! Use the comments section below to make your own nominations (don't worry about subsections like we're doing—anything you loved is fair game). To make things easier on us as we tally up votes, please observe two simple rules, or your votes will not be counted:

  • Nominate up to three games per person, in no particular order.

We'll tally up results and name our own best of show next week. Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading our coverage this year!

Edit: We took out our no discussion rule. Feel free to debate respectfully and praise the games you're excited for! But please keep your nominations to three games, thanks!

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