USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Meal or Food Item(s) in a Game?

Yummy yummy.

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Usually in games, food or drinks replenish health. Like that Elixir you downed in the midst of a boss battle? That counts as a beverage (...I think). Sometimes though, food takes on another purpose. In something like Cooking Mama, prepping food is the sole purpose of the game.

So this week we ask: what foods, meal, or drinks do you love most, and why? Is it an unrealistic food, or something that you could cook right in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments! You can find some of the USgamer team's own answers below.

Mike Williams Reviews Editor

Way back in 2006, Burger King reached out developer Blitz Games to create three games. The idea was that each game would feature the Burger King mascot in various genres. The three titles—Big Bumpin', Pocketbike Racer, and Sneak King—were sold as standalone games for Xbox or Xbox 360. It's the last one I want to talk about.

Sneak King is a stealth action game where you, as the Burger King, sneak around a town, giving burgers to people. Let me rephrase this: you play the Burger King stalking random citizens around town to give them burgers and almost none of them seem angry or really afraid about this. It is such an insane premise and yet Sneak King mostly pulls it off. There's a reason I own an actual copy of the game to this day.

Which brings us back to the question. My favorite food item in the game are these burgers, which are apparently so good that getting one automatically makes up for a guy in a king costume and mask popping up from behind a crate or bush. These are burgers that literally justify the existence and continued legal freedom of the Burger King in the odd town he lives in. They must be the best burgers ever.

Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Wall meat from Castlevania. Just good ol' wall meat. You can call it a "pork chop," you can call it a "turkey leg," but we all know what it really is: An ambiguous hunk of meat with a femur speared through it. Is it beast? Is it fowl? Is it kosher? Halal? Is it seasoned? Is it safe? Who cares. Sink your teeth into that slab, Simon Belmont. Rip and tear.

Caty McCarthy Staff Writer

After talking to independent developer Tj Hughes about his experimental food-centric game Nour late last week, I've been thinking a whole lot about food in games. To answer this week's community question, I could list a bunch of obvious things: the Maxim Tomato from Kirby, the savory meals prepped (and stolen via recipes from local diners) by Ignis in Final Fantasy XV, Sonic the Hedghog's favorite food: chili dogs, and the delectable meals of Yakuza. My true answer might be a bit unexpected though.

Like everything else in The World Ends With You, the food always looked really good. Prowling around Shibuya, food became an integral part to the experience. Plus, what food characters actually liked was essential to their identities, much like reality. From ramen to burgers, food wasn't just a stat-booster. It reflected on the characters' personalities themselves. This is a common asset to many Japanese games, whether by way of food or just in giving gifts to other characters, but nonetheless, I believe The World Ends With You was the first game I personally experienced where engaging with the food felt just as cool as interacting with any other aspect of the game. Not just a stat boost, not just a health bump, but something embedded in my enjoyment of the game itself.

Matt Kim News Editor

Hands down the only in-game food item that ever made me go, "huh, I wonder what that tastes like," is the Sinner's Sandwich from Deadly Premonition. Described by the protagonist of the game as a kind of self-inflicted punishment to atone for past sins, the Sinner's Sandwich is a Turkey sandwich topped with strawberry jam and cereal. It sounds terrible which—if the purpose of eating it is true—is the point of the sandwich I guess.

Either way it's my favorite video game food-stuff only because of how strange it sounds. Years later I still wonder what it might taste like, though I'll never make one myself since I hate strawberry jam. Although again, maybe that's even better for me if I want to atone for my sins through the sandwich's crucible?

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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup #1 Godots17thCup 4 months ago
    I love going bar crawling in Yakuza games, and drinking all of the different kinds of real world booze available. It even gives Kiryu and friends a power-up!
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #2 ghostsandgoblins 4 months ago
    My favorite thing about the Mario franchise are the mushrooms.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #3 donkeyintheforest 4 months ago
    I remember there being the most amazing pizza scene in devil may cry
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  • Avatar for kazriko #4 kazriko 4 months ago
    Probably the Hotpots in Muramasa. Always wanted to try those...
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #5 NiceGuyNeon 4 months ago
    Wolf 3D food. Heals you so you can kill Hitler. Best meat.
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  • Avatar for nimzy #6 nimzy 4 months ago
    That's a tough call. Between George Kamitani's food porn, Gauntlet's food fights, Earthbound's trashcan hamburgers and your grandma's soup in Wind Waker, I couldn't possibly choose the best one. I also want to give an honorable mention to the "food challenges" of the Persona series.

    Going to go out on a limb and say "manga meat." Anyone can recognize the world's most unattainable food: a giant, roughly cylindrical hunk of meat with a bone sticking out of it.
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  • Avatar for Wakkawipeout #7 Wakkawipeout 4 months ago
    Fruit in Animal Crossing. The way your character and the villagers devour fruit in that series makes it seem like the juiciest, most succulent food on Earth. Like, how come I've never enjoyed peaches like that?
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #8 WiIIyTheAntelope 4 months ago
    Really the best gaming meals always came from the side scrolling beat em ups. What was it? YOU NEVER KNOW TILL YOU PUNCH THE TRASH CAN. Sometimes it's a delicious turkey, sometimes it's a can of beer. sometimes it's a pizza. Doesn't matter. You punch that trash can and eat anything you happen to find inside, because that's what real men do.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #9 VotesForCows 4 months ago
    @NiceGuyNeon I was always impressed that he could beat the Nazis on a diet of dog food if you so chose.

    But for me it has to be Ignis' toast. Simple, filling, looks delicious.
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  • Avatar for guillermojiménez88 #10 guillermojiménez88 4 months ago
    Pizza in EarthBound, especially the large pizza that re-energized the whole party but that you had to order by phone and then wait in semi-real time for the delivery person to get to your location. (I heard that the programming for this was insane. I don't know if that was part of Satoru Iwata's famous programming fix of the game, but if it was, that alone makes him a legend in my eyes.)

    And if you were in a place out of the delivery man's reach? TOUGH. SHIT.
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  • Avatar for Damn_Skippy #11 Damn_Skippy 4 months ago
    Pikmin 3's fruit is glorious. I'm also a fan of Shenmue's caramels, Yakuza's ramen, Fallout 4's noodle cup (best of a bad bunch), Sleeping Dog's pork buns and Golden Axe's floor meat.
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  • Avatar for Thetick #12 Thetick 4 months ago
    Deathclaw Wellingham. It sounds like such a nice souffle in that post apocalyptic fallout 4. Like you have a bit of civilization back. Combined with Bobrov's Best moonshine for a breakfast of champions in Diamond city, before you go on your daily shooting/exploration. I would have choosen tom's hotdogs from shenmue, but he never seem to sell me one. Even though we are friends. Except that one time.
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #13 Captain-Gonru 4 months ago
    Chicken, in Tekken 3. It doesn't come up much when talking about the game, but there was a sub-game (I hesitate to call it a "minigame") that was basically a side scrolling beat-'em-up. And, true to the genre, there was occasionally food scattered about to regenerate health. This included chicken. But, when you walked over it, the commentator would say "Chicken" in such a way that made me laugh every time. It was the overly serious tone that did it, I think. To this day, whenever my wife and I are at the store, and need poultry, one of us will inevitably pick it up and say "Chicken".
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  • Avatar for Vaporeon #14 Vaporeon 4 months ago
    Trout Yogurt. Though, I wouldn't expect common folk to appreciate it. Only the elite of Fourside have such refined palates ;-)
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  • Avatar for KCC #15 KCC 4 months ago
    Prior to FFXV's food pornography, which is truly wonderful, my answer would have been Lon Lon Milk in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Link chugs the bottle, breathlessly finishes, and life is effectively better. Big reason that one sticks with me is that game came out when I was in Elementary school, and sometime near playing it we had a field trip to a farm. Sure enough, they sold bottled milk, and you better believe I had my mum buy me one (thank goodness she chaperoned that one!) and I rushed off to the woods surrounding the farm, stood on a tree branch, and chugged that thing just like Link. Most magic of all, I somehow didn't vomit it back up.

    But nowadays--- it's FFXV. Those dishes are delightful, and inspire me to get creative with my own cooking as well.
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  • Avatar for daveyc02909 #16 daveyc02909 4 months ago
    @Captain-Gonru You're not the only one that still thinks of how the announcer guy would say "chicken" lol
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  • Avatar for marathedemon #17 marathedemon 4 months ago
    Estus always intices me. I just want to know what liquid warmth tastes like.
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  • Avatar for daveyc02909 #18 daveyc02909 4 months ago
    I don't know about "ever" but at least recently my favorite food items have been those found while completing the Hero challenges in Zelda Breath of the Wild's DLC. Finding food to cook was like finding gold.
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  • Avatar for Hoolo #19 Hoolo 4 months ago
  • Avatar for BulkSlash #20 BulkSlash 4 months ago
    My favourite is probably the french fries in Theme Park. The game lets you choose how much salt is served with them so you whack that slider up to maximum whilst also jacking up the price of soft drinks to exploit all the thirsty park visitors! ;)

    Probably the worst in-game food is Samus when the Metroids decide to try and eat her...Edited September 2017 by BulkSlash
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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #21 Daikaiju 4 months ago
    Rolanberry pie in FF11. The whole menu looks delicious, mind you, but seeing those giant berries outside of Jeuno... Oh I still want one...
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  • Avatar for Cire17 #22 Cire17 4 months ago
    The best bread ever ...

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  • Avatar for victorehunter #23 victorehunter 4 months ago

    Honourable mentions:
    The pot of chowder in igloos in Animal Crossing
    The sausage in Game and Watch Chef
    The chicken wraps in Personal Trainer Cooking for DS that I used to make in university

    And god bless Caty for reminding me how great the food system in TWEWY is.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #24 NiceGuyNeon 4 months ago
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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #25 AstroDemon 4 months ago
    @Daikaiju You nailed it. I always wanted to try a Meat Mithkabob as well!
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  • Avatar for moochan #26 moochan 4 months ago
    @kazriko Vanillaware games always had amazing food. Odin Sphere might be some of the best in the history of video games.
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  • Avatar for Vonlenska #27 Vonlenska 4 months ago
    Literally everything in Muramasa. Seriously. I know I've linked to it before, but. Just look at it! Best Food in Games Forever.

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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #28 DrCorndog 4 months ago
    My favorite food is My Favorite Food. From Earthbound, I mean. I always input "butter."
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #29 ghostsandgoblins 4 months ago
    @nimzy Ha, good call with Gauntlet: Warrior needs food badly
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  • Avatar for IPA #30 IPA 4 months ago

    Castlevania: Bricksket.
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  • Avatar for ArugulaZ #31 ArugulaZ 4 months ago
    Vanillaware serves up the best food in its video games. They even somehow make roast vorpal bunny look delicious! Plus your characters actually consume it bite by bite, which makes the Japanese delicacies in Muramasa look even more tempting.
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  • Avatar for ArugulaZ #32 ArugulaZ 4 months ago
    @Godots17thCup All I learned from Yakuza is that when you go to a Korean restaurant with a friend, you'd better be damned sure to split the check.
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  • Avatar for Pandalulz #33 Pandalulz 4 months ago
    Dust: An Elysian Tale ran with the Castlevania joke, and every time you bust a wall you get "Mysterious Wall Chicken" in your inventory.
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  • Avatar for InsertTokenz #34 InsertTokenz 4 months ago

    Welp, I'm sold.
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  • Avatar for normanjay #35 normanjay 4 months ago
    I remember best essay online service I was using while playing some games, like Dota. In Dota I like drinks and pizza.
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