USgamer Community Question: Which System is the One for You: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U or PC?

At the risk of igniting another system war, we're asking you a simple question: which one of today's current platforms do you prefer?

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It's been some time since we last talked specifically about current-generation gaming platforms, so this week we thought we'd ask the simple question - which is the one for you? Are you a PS4 fan? Or does the Wii U float your boat? Or is Microsoft's big black box the games machine that you prefer? Or do you forego consoles completely and turn to the venerable PC for your gaming kicks? That's what we want to know this week, as we ask you to pick just one system from the "big three" current-generation consoles - and the PC, of course.

While you formulate your response, here's what the USgamer team have to say about their favorite systems.

Jeremy Parish Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to playing top-of-the-line games, the big releases for a given year, I definitely prefer PlayStation 4 over Xbox One… which is weird, because last gen I spent almost all of my gaming time on Xbox 360. But it's kind of a moot question, because when it comes to the system I play for fun, my pick is Wii U. It's not even a particularly amazing system — it's capable, sure, but the Game Pad doesn't have much value for anything besides serving as a second screen. That functionality is pretty great, though. It sure beats trying to do PS4 remote play on Vita. At least the Wii U Game Pad has all the buttons it needs to play Wii U games...

In any case, I'm not a fan of system wars, so you just go right ahead and play on whichever the hell system you want.

Jaz Rignall Editor-at-Large

If you'd asked me a month or two ago, I'd have very likely given a different answer - the PlayStation 4. But if I'm going to be honest about this, I have to admit that right now, my Xbox One is being used much more than my trusty old PS4. That's because I've been pouring a ton of time into World of Tanks - which is an Xbox One exclusive - and also been having fun with Gears of War Ultimate Edition - which is also unavailable on Sony's wonder machine. But most importantly of all - at least for me - the release of Forza Motorsport 6 is just around the corner, and that is pretty much the ultimate racing game right now, and there's just no way I can do without that. Not a chance. And with no Gran Turismo on the horizon, that means I'm surprising myself and saying that, for the time being at least, the Xbox One is the system for me.

As for the Wii U, I'd love to have one, but I simply can't afford one right now. And even for the purposes of this feature, I can't pick it ahead of Microsoft's black box, despite longing to have a crack at Super Mario Maker. Everything - even one of the greatest Mario products of all time - unfortunately pales before the massive racing bonanza that is Forza Motorsport 6. That's not me saying one is better than the other. I think they're both incredible products - it's just that I'm a hardcore racing nut, and on a personal level, given a choice, I'd prefer to be driving around in the greatest racer yet than working on Mario levels, even if the choice feels a little like comparing apples to oranges.

And as for the PC. That unfortunately doesn't get a look in right now. Were I still playing World of Warcraft, it might well be my system of choice, since I was spending a huge amount of time per day in that game. But now I'm retired from WoW - at least until the next expansion comes along - there's just nothing on PC that is currently floating my boat.

So yeah. This is a much shorter answer than I thought I'd end up giving, but then the choice is pretty clear for me given what games I want to be playing right now. However, give it a few months, and once I've played out Forza 6, and some of those tempting-looking PlayStation 4 exclusives start hitting retail, then I might end up switching again, because I'm fickle that way. Ultimately, I don't really care that much about platforms - what I care about the most is games, and I'll follow those wherever they happen to be. As long as I can afford the system to play them on, of course.

Mike Williams Associate Editor

Aggghhhhhhh. I can't handle this question! If you wanted me to whittle down my platform choice to only two systems, I'd easily pick the PC and the PlayStation 4. That's an easy choice. Yes, I'd miss out on some Xbox One and Wii U exclusives, but I think I could survive.

If I have to pick a single platform, things get much more complicated. The PC pulls ahead of the PlayStation overall, because the PC is a platform with a wide variety. I can play games from Steam, GOG, or on browsers. My PC is finally up-to-date, so most multiplatform games look better than their console counterparts. I don't even miss the controller action of the Xbox One controller or Dual Shock 4, because both controllers plug effortlessly into my desktop. If you have to game on a single system, PC is probably your best choice.

That said, I'd really miss some of the titles that tend to be console only. Especially when you're talking Japanese titles, not having a home console is a bit of a non-starter. If I want to play Persona 5, Star Ocean: Weird Subtitle, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Yakuza 5, or Disgaea 5 I need to have a console. That's the kind of thing that makes this such a hard decision and that's why I tend to avoid the decision altogether by having every console under the sun. (Yeah, I did this before I started reviewing games professionally.)

But if I have to pick one, I'll grit my teeth and pick the PC.

Kat Bailey Senior Editor

If I weren't in the press, I'd be content with a PC and a PlayStation 4. Between those two, I can cover pretty much all of my bases for gaming, absent a handful of Nintendo exclusives on the Nintendo 3DS (sorry, Fire Emblem). But if I had to choose just one, I'd probably pick the PlayStation 4.

As with last generation, it's been pretty easy for me to choose a console. Last generation, I preferred the Xbox 360 because it generally had the superior versions of third-party games in addition to boasting a much slicker UI. This generation, I prefer the PlayStation 4 for pretty much the same reason. I'm also much more excited for Horizon, Last Guardian, and Persona 5 than I am for another Halo.

When it comes to the PC versus the PlayStation 4, I find that the superior power and flexibility of the PC isn't enough to get me to give up my annual sports sims. The PlayStation 4 also has Bloodborne, and very soon, Persona 5. To be sure, I would miss Hearthstone and Civilization; but when it comes down to it, I know what I would choose. Thankfully, I live in a world where I do have an option.

As always, every platform offers its own array of gaming experiences. It's a matter of personal taste which one you prefer. But with its strong array of indie games and high-quality exclusives, the PlayStation 4 can go a long way toward giving you the maximum amount of gaming for your buck. Add in a Nintendo 3DS, and you'll be pretty much set for the rest of the generation.

Bob Mackey Senior Writer

In terms of how good a system feels, the PlayStation 4 wins, hands-down. Menus load quickly, things are easy to find, and the DualShock 4 is undoubtedly the most comfortable controller I've ever had the pleasure of using. Before Sony's newest console launched, I assumed nothing could top the DualShock 3; now, when I go back to my PS3, something about that once-beloved controller just feels slightly off. Above all, it should really be about the games, but user-friendliness really goes a long way with me. The wide-awake nightmare known as the Xbox One's user interface makes for one of the major reasons I avoid that console outside of work obligations. It's really that bad.

Again, though, it's the games that truly matter, and that's where the Wii U wins. Still there's a bit of a caveat: If all video game production were to end tomorrow, and we judged the current consoles on those terms, Nintendo would definitely come out on top: their internal studios have truly mastered the art of fun, and make their finest work when their backs are against the wall (as they have been for the past three years). But you can't ignore the fact that the Wii U has a year of life left—if that—and these upcoming months will see Nintendo quietly cleaning up, pushing out those last few franchise games, and getting their audience ready for the Next Big Thing. In comparison, the PlayStation 4 is only getting started; 2015 stood as its first big year, with great exclusives like Bloodborne, and the extremely healthy sales of the system indicate it has several years left in it.

So, I'm kind of weaseling out of giving a definitive answer to this question, since there's two possible routes to go. Do you want a nearly dead system with roughly a dozen fantastic, exclusive games, and access to decades of Nintendo's history? Go with a Wii U. Would you rather own a less distinct system with fewer exclusives, but a long life ahead of it? PS4 seems like the best choice. Whatever the case, it's hard to think of either scenario as being a losing one.

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  • Avatar for modernlove69 #1 modernlove69 2 years ago
    The Wii U is the only one with unique exclusives and has the fewest HD remakes so make mine Nintendo!
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  • Avatar for Captain-N #2 Captain-N 2 years ago
    My opinion is probably invalid as it's the only one I have, but I'm going to go with the Wii U.

    Sure, it's not as technically advanced as the other systems and doesn't have the same third-party support. But the games that it does have are really good.

    It has something for everyone. From fan favorites like Mario Kart 8 and Smash, to the fantastic Wind Waker HD, and Splatoon if you want something fresh and new.

    That and the off tv play is fantastic. You no longer need to hog the tv to play games in case someone else wants to use it. Heck, you could be using the gamepad to play while someone else uses a different console. Or watch tv and play at the same time.

    It isn't the best, but it has fun games. Again, it's the only one I own from the listed choices, so my opinion is probably invalid.
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  • Avatar for camchow #3 camchow 2 years ago
    I'd like to consider myself a console guy still but I still haven't bought any of the latest systems. Thing is, I needed a new computer anyway since my laptop from 2008 was dying a slow death. I never built a computer before but it seemed easy enough so I took the plunge, with last year's black Friday specials I was able to throw together a computer that cost about $400 before the video card. I figured if I'm going to be building this thing might as well get a half decent video card. Researched it a bit and picked up a R9 270 for like $100, from what I read it was one of the cheapest video cards that could run current gen games about as good or better than the PS4 or Xbox One could anyway.

    So basically, I became a pc gamer because I needed a new computer and a decent video card was pretty cheap. Finished The Witcher 3 and playing through MGSV now, this cheapo thing runs everything really nicely. I'm not counting the FPS on MGSV but it's running everything but 2 or so settings on high at 1080p, could not be more satisfied. With this thing I miss out on a few exclusives sure but all in all, I definitely don't feel like I need a console for this gen. Well, except for the WiiU, will definitely have to grab one of those eventually.
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  • Avatar for SigurdVolsung #4 SigurdVolsung 2 years ago
    I own a gaming PC, a PS4, and a Wii-U (also a New 3DS XL and a Vita, which I play a ton, but those weren't included). While I'm glad to have all 3 of those, the Wii-U currently collects a lot of dust. It's my exclusive Nintendo releases and Bayonetta machine. Most of my gaming is on PS4 with a few (especially FFXIV) on my PC. Frankly I don't see myself getting the XBox One any time soon, my 360 ended up collecting dust as well and ended up regretting that purchase. I'm much more into "Japanese style" gaming, and I really don't see how anyone could objectively convince me that the XBox One is a better machine or console.
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  • Avatar for themblan #5 themblan 2 years ago
    I really like how the Dual Shock 4 feels in my hands, and Shuhei Yoshida has been a kind, gentle, lovable figure at Sony.

    I really respect and like Phil Spencer and what he has done for the gamers. The Xbone-controller is my preferred controller for PC.

    But Splatoon is my favorite game of the generation, and so Wii U is my choice. Philosophically and aesthetically, I am more in tune with companies like Nintendo and Apple, so I am drawn to them.
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #6 SuperShinobi 2 years ago
    "And here we go... ", as the Joker would say. I'm torn between choosing the PS4 or the Vita as my favorite current-gen console. A year ago I would've easily chosen the Vita, but since then the PS4 has got so many amazing games like Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and MGS V. The PS4 is powerful, has a super-slick and fast OS, a wide and varied library and in my book the best and most comfortable controller out of the current systems.

    I guess I'd still choose the Vita in the end though, as I just tend to use it all the time, more than my PS4 - partly due to its superior backwards compatibility and partly due to it being by far my preferred platform for playing all those indie games.

    I also own a 3DS, so that makes it my third favorite system, even though I bought it mostly just to play the Sega 3D classics. I do also own other games for it, such as the brilliant Mario 3D Land and Luigi's mansion 2, but still it was a pretty classic case of certain individual games functioning as must-have system-sellers for me.
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  • Avatar for gigantor21 #7 gigantor21 2 years ago

    No other platform offers the freedom and flexibility that PC gaming offers. Plus it's the only platform with Killer Instinct AND SFV on the way, LOL.
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  • Avatar for bigbramble #8 bigbramble 2 years ago
    Money no object; pc is the best. I have all of the systems and I would rank them Pc, ps4, wii u, xbox one in order of use. This will change when forza 6 appears however.
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  • Avatar for Happy-Mask-Salesman #9 Happy-Mask-Salesman 2 years ago
    @camchow this is pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I accidentally happened to upgrade a PC to where it could handle games & no longer see any need for a console. I have a 3ds for Nintendo games & between those two systems I'm covered.Edited September 2015 by Happy-Mask-Salesman
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #10 SatelliteOfLove 2 years ago
    *looks at recent buying habits and plans*

    PC by a landslide.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #11 cldmstrsn 2 years ago
    That's a hard one as I always go where I want to play games which is all the games which is all the systems haha. Gun to my head though I would have to say PS4. They just have all the games that I want to play right now and in the future.
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  • Avatar for siamesegiant #12 siamesegiant 2 years ago
    I have a PC and a PS4 and my time is split pretty evenly over both. For sheer convenience probably the latter though.
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  • Avatar for Lord-Bob-Bree #13 Lord-Bob-Bree 2 years ago
    None of them. Genesis does with Sonymicrosoftvariouspccompaniesandnintendon't!

    (But for real, if I had to choose one, PC. And if I could add a second, WiiU).
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  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz #14 ojinnvoltz 2 years ago
    PC all the way, baby! I've got a PS4 at my desk too, but I only really have it for Guilty Gear and Bloodborne. Everything the console does, PC does better. It can play anything and everything from Alpha Protocol to Zork and more with emulators. Master Race indeed. Now all we need is a final solution to poorly optimized ports...
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  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn #15 Mikki-Saturn 2 years ago
    Wii U for now, although I'll be getting a PS4 too. You gotta have Nintendo and at least one of the other ones. And I don't like Microsoft, so PS4 it is!
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  • Avatar for manny_c44 #16 manny_c44 2 years ago
    PC is the only one of the current crop I have. 3DS probably gets more play overall though. Eventually I will buy a PS4 for the exclusives, but probably not for years.
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  • Avatar for Jairo-MC #17 Jairo-MC 2 years ago
    I will go with the Wii U/Xbox One combo.
    Wii U is just a great system and I can't get enough of its games. Splatoon is the first ever shooter that I play online on a regular basis. Bayonetta 2 is my favorite action game of all time and Mario Kart 8 is my favorite racing game and Mario Kart game. Its games are really special and has only one notable HD remake (Wind Waker, which I only played on the Wii U and loved it).
    Xbox One was a really nice surprise, as I never owned a console from Microsoft. It has good third party support (which, unfortunately, the Wii U doesn's have) and some great exclusives. Rare Replay is a great blast from the past that made me realize that, unlike I initially thought, Microsoft does care for its costumers.
    I can't enjoy gaming on PC, so that's never an option and PS4 still doesn't do anything fo me (loved the PS3, though).
    If I had to choose only one, I'd go with the Wii U, but luckily I don't, so I enjoy my Wii U/Xbox One combo.
    However, if I had to own only one system, it would be the Nintendo 3DS.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #18 MetManMas 2 years ago
    My preferred system is the Wii U, because while it may not have many games, out of the consoles it has a lot more games that I care about playing. (Real world) sports and racing games have never really been my thing and I don't really care for most AAA stuff.

    But if I did have to pick one of the other HD consoles, I would go with the PS4. It's the system that has Bloodborne and will have Street Fighter V and The Last Guardian, and I would like to have one of the new HD boxes for Phantom Pain, Just Cause 3, and the Final Fantasy VII remake.
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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene #19 UnskippableCutscene 2 years ago
    It's weird, but at this point I think I want to say "none of them."

    I own a PS4, a PC, and a 3DS XL and they all have flaws that don't enamor me to any of them. On top of that, I have almost zero budget for software, usually buying games from 2013/2014 used or in digital sales, and for the major console makers that's all still PS3 and 360 software.

    I don't like playing at a PC workstation if I can help it. Most games I play on PC are "exclusives" either due to the platform's low entry costs (indies) or it's unique interface (MOBAs etc won't work as well on a controller.)

    As a fan of sci-fi shooters (think of Quake II and Unreal Tournament 2004) and not of the M4 Carbine, Tom Clancy fever dream games that dominate the shooter realm, I do wish I could play some Halo. But not if the game is on a one or two year cycle, with an annual multiplayer fee. The "Madden cycle" spreading to the rest of the industry, combined with Sony giving into Xbox Live's pay-to-play subscription, means that video games as a hobby demands about $100 a year to play stuff with your friends; and that's one game. Multiplayer-focused releases are "dead", abandoned either by the community or their developer, before they can hit $30. I guess that the majority of the audience for these games has the kind of income to keep affording this, but I can't.

    I'm sure I'll like my PS4 eventually, as the big single player campaign focused games either are released or come down in price. MGS5 is the first shot of big offline-focused games from Japan that also includes Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts, and the promise of Final Fantasy products (on some distant day.)

    I also have a 3DS XL, which I've owned for three years and have about four games for, and I've ignored it. And that's just too bad. I kind of like the system, but I've only ever played it a few feet away from a television and consoles. I don't have a commute, I've never collected a single StreetPass, etc. It has games that I'd like to play, but I almost wish it had some kind of player accessory or Super Game Boy style cartridge. I should buy a PS TV, as they're sometimes incredibly cheap and the Vita is getting it's own fair share of niche Japanese titles.

    Basically, I don't know what I want from gaming right now. The target customer seems to be someone with more money than I, or at least someone who expects a lot less from each purchase than I do, so right now I'm buying going through my PS3 and 360 generation backlog, buying a lot of used games and PSN Flash Sale stuff.
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  • Avatar for Namevah #20 Namevah 2 years ago
    I'm going to pick the one console that I don't even own - Xbox One.

    Nope, I don't own the One, yet I'm nominating it? I'm tackling this question as if I had none of the consoles right now and am looking at the three. When I originally bought the other two, Xbox One was more expensive and its direction was murky. Things change, of course, as have a great many things about the One.

    Frankly, I wanted a next-gen console for games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and MGSV: The Phantom Pain. Not console exclusives, and few exclusives on either console hold much sway. So what tipped my choice? Last week, I believe it was, I mentioned that Rock Band 4 is my most anticipated game of 2015. Previously, I bought all of my Rock Band 1-3 DLC for X360, and that stuff stays with the console family.

    So the reason I picked Xbox One is because it's the console that's going to have my several hundred Rock Band songs. It's pretty much that simple.
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  • Avatar for ricklongo #21 ricklongo 2 years ago
    I'm about to get a PS4 and I'm sure I'll love it, but I have serious doubts whether it will be able to top my love for my Wii U. A truly underrated system with a superb (if comparatively small) library.
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #22 Kuni-Nino 2 years ago
    I'm playing my Xbox One a lot right now so I guess that is my console. Tomb Raider and Destiny will keep me busy until Xenoblade Chronicles X hits. Mario Maker should help too.

    Microsoft has done a pretty good job with Xbox One I think. If they can fix the interface, it would be an awesome system.
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  • Avatar for usagi704 #23 usagi704 2 years ago
    Hands down PS4. I really like the fantastic snappy UI, the controller is excellent overall, and it offers up great support from 3rd parties as well as some good exclusives.
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  • Avatar for secularsage #24 secularsage 2 years ago
    I have all but the Xbox One. I probably play the Wii U the most, simply because I have kids who enjoy its Mario and Sonic games.

    But if I had to pick one? The PC. Not even a close consideration. The PC is the ideal platform for long tail gaming, and the available games are plentiful and cheap. During a Steam sale, GOG sale or a good Humble Bundle, my gaming dollars can go pretty far, and the availability of mods is always nice.

    Sony's got a nice storefront, but the lack of PS3/PS4 cross-compatibility for anything but indie games is a drag. And Nintendo's eShop is a hassle if you ever have to transfer games between systems.
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  • Avatar for himuradrew #25 himuradrew 2 years ago
    For this generation, I chose the PS4 despite having both the PS3 and X360 last gen. The deciding factor between the XBONE and the PS4 all came down to one thing - Vita Remote Play, which is a great often-used feature that I love. I'd love to get a WiiU, but with the MX coming up and the simple lack of time to play all the games made me just skip the system.

    With handhelds, I bought both the Vita and the N3DSXL - both systems have some great JRPGs that help me scratch my JRPG itch that home consoles don't have.
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  • Avatar for AxiomVerge #26 AxiomVerge 2 years ago
    I like the PS4 controller best of perhaps all controllers. I also really really like its indie support (duh), so let's go with that.
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  • Avatar for adamacuo #27 adamacuo 2 years ago
    For best system I think that it has to be the PC. It has on balance the most games (and it's effectively backwards compatible to forever), the broadest and deepest content, the biggest sales, the best graphics and on balance the best games. Buying a PC gives you access to all of the current and prior gen cross platform games. Beyond this many console exclusive games are also released on PC (but not on the 'other' console). Then there's the indie games, for Hearthstone and of course all of the MMO and MOBA games. No question - if you can afford a half decent rig (and you can pick up an Alienware Alpha for $500) then the PC is the one to get. Finally - you can use any of the main controllers - including the PS4, XB1, X360 or PS3 - just choose your favorite and your done. Or stick with KBM or the upcoming Steam Controller.Edited September 2015 by adamacuo
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  • Avatar for pennybags #28 pennybags 2 years ago
    Well, given the same game the PC version is usually a better experience. The only difference is the library and while PS4 and Wii U both have some exclusives I like they're actually both pretty anemic library-wise (especially if we exclude games that are also on PS3 on the PS4 side).
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  • Avatar for I-m-not-Daredevil #29 I-m-not-Daredevil 2 years ago
    If we were including handhelds then the Vita would be running away with it for me - I've been glued to it lately! Wii U is my home console of choice for the moment. It's the little box that could
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  • Avatar for Breadbitten #30 Breadbitten 2 years ago
    As someone who primarily games on his PC, I am thinking about getting a WiiU soon. Does that make any sense?
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  • Avatar for Toelkki #31 Toelkki 2 years ago
    Wii U. The lack of games isn't an issue when I have far too many Wii games to play on the system, and a fair share of them are practically untouched, and not that much time to play. With the backlog I have, I have no reason to buy PS4 or XBoxOne or upgrade my aging PC because of games.

    This is mostly because I'm sticking with what I already have and what fills my wants well enough, not because I'd recommend anyone to buy a Wii U right now. Because I wouldn't.

    But I'll never give up a desktop PC for all the non-gaming related uses it has.
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  • Avatar for VotesForCows #32 VotesForCows 2 years ago
    PS4, but in a parallel universe there's a richer version of me with a really good PC!
    @Breadbitten That makes total sense - you're getting a good breadth of gaming options there, moreso than if you went PC + PS4/X1. I had a Wii U for a few months, played the unique games that appealed. Well worth it.
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  • Avatar for drdoctor #33 drdoctor 2 years ago
    PC. The biggest games hit all consoles and PC. Sure I miss out on some exclusives. W/ Shadow of Mordor, Witcher 3, MGS5 over the last 12 months, those are huge.

    WiiU + PC though tends to cover the broadest range of games. If I could have a 2nd, it'll be this pairing.
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  • Avatar for ronaldaugust28 #34 ronaldaugust28 2 years ago
    Once the big JRPGs start coming out like Persona, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Star Ocean, it will definitely be the PlayStation 4. As out right now though, the Wii U gets the most play from me, mostly for Virtual Console.
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  • Avatar for MortFam316 #35 MortFam316 2 years ago
    I have been a hue fan, and maybe the only one, of the Xbox One hooked up to my DirectTV and audio receiver. I also like the Xbox One's games and cloud saves, but I have a 3 year old in my house, and the Wii U just offers the best, and most amount of games that I can play with him, or with him around. Also the off screen play on the game pad makes it ok to distract myself if my son is watching something I don't really want to pay attention to. Wii U for me.
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  • Avatar for CipherStone #36 CipherStone 2 years ago
    For me it's the Wii U all the way. For starters it's the only one I have in my household. I'm sure there are plenty of games on the new Sony and MS consoles that appeal to a lot of people, but so far my interest in PS4 starts and ends with Bloodborne.

    The thing is, the Wii U and 3DS have kept me so engaged that im not really left wanting. Even the games I do want to play on non-Nintendo consoles, like Persona 5, I'll be able to play on my crusty old PS3. All in all, it leaves me with no real drive to get another console yet.
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  • Avatar for Vaporeon #37 Vaporeon 2 years ago
    3DS! Honestly, I follow console news and there are a number of PS4 games I'm interested in, but I don't have the patience or eyesight (thanks Game Boy) to play any more than an hour at a time. With 3DS, I kick back in my lounge chair with an ale and the game loads in all of two seconds. I can put it down whenever I feel like it. I may someday buy a refurbished PS4, but my days of 200+ hours in Skyrim are winding down in favor of the rocking chair bliss of the 3DS. Anyone else with me?
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  • Avatar for InsertTokenz #38 InsertTokenz 2 years ago
    Gotta go Wii U. It has so many quality games to play on it despite having a smaller library in contrast to the other systems, plus the fact it can still play my Wii games directly, and has virtual console support only further expands that list for me.

    Plus, going into this next generation of gaming systems, I knew I was only going to have time to invest ultimately in a single new home console, as my backlog has grown to the point that getting into any additional systems beyond that would only continue to bury the pile. This led me to pick the one with the most entertaining exclusives, which I knew Nintendo could deliver on with no problem. Between this, my 3DS and my aging PC, my current-gen gaming needs are pretty much fulfilled.Edited 2 times. Last edited September 2015 by InsertTokenz
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #39 Mega_Matt 2 years ago
    This is a really difficult question to answer. It's really hard to not pick the Wii U. My PS4 has been great also, and I don't know if I could pass up playing Bloodborne. At the same time my new PC I built last week has been really kind to me so far. Soooo it would have to be one of those 3. I don't own an Xbox One and I don't see myself owning one anytime soon unless an exclusive comes along that makes me feel like I really need it. I guess I'll go with the Wii U.
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  • Avatar for Jaz666 #40 Jaz666 2 years ago
    Definitely PC for me. I love all my consoles (I have a large collection going all the way back to the NES), but due to variety and price of games the PC is the one system I couldn't do without.

    Ease of use is a big factor. Systems like Steam and GOG make buying and playing games incredibly quick and simple. In contrast, I wince whenever I load up Nintendo's eShop on Wii U or 3DS, so much slower and with a layout I fin unintuitive and unattractive. Knowing that I am (usually) playing the best version of a multiplat and the addition of mouse and keyboard helps too.

    Oh, and the amount of exclusives on PC. Yes the consoles each have same amazing exclusives, but there are literally thousands on PC, with lots of (cheap) hidden gems to discover. Plus, the only place to play strategy games, which have always been one of my favourite genres.

    If I had to pick one console on out of the current 3 as a favourite it would be the Wii U. I love the in-house Nintendo games and could probably survive on those alone at a push!Edited September 2015 by Jaz666
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #41 brionfoulke91 2 years ago
    Definitely Wii U, it has the best exclusives and the highest amount of quality new games.
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #42 Tetragrammaton 2 years ago
    Home consoles only? I'd probably pick my 3DS over all of those.

    All right, fine: of those listed, PC. My PC is a top of the line rig from two years ago, meaning that it makes the graphical output of every console in existence look dated whenever games can take advantage of it. At the same time, it has near flawless backwards compatibility across more generations than consoles have existed, more varied exclusives in more genres, a wider range of genres period, emulation, officially supported modding scenes, UNofficially supported modding scenes, illicit modding scenes and your choice of walled garden digital marketplaces. And that's just the stuff that I like; there's also streaming, e-sports, non-keyboard and mouse control schemes, MMOs...

    Like, what kind of question is this? What do consoles have over PCs? Exclusives and ease of use, and the last was sacrificed on the altar of "Your rig, your way". I'll take that trade any day.

    That said I love Streetpass and Etrian Odyssey so <3 3DS.
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  • Avatar for PlatypusPlatoon #43 PlatypusPlatoon 2 years ago
    Incredible kudos to the community for not turning the comments thread into an all-out, known-down-drag-out flame war. When I saw the title of the post, and that there were 46 existing comments, my first thought, was "ughhh... this is probably really ugly in there". To my great surprise, things are civil and downright pleasant.

    I'm always amazed when people can be nice to each other on the internet when disagreeing!
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  • Avatar for Happy-Mask-Salesman #44 Happy-Mask-Salesman 2 years ago
    @PlatypusPlatoon agreed. If any other gaming website puts out an article like this then I won't even bother clicking
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  • Avatar for roomtemperature #45 roomtemperature 2 years ago
    So how much would a gaming PC cost me as someone who has little clue about building my own. Something Ps4/XBONe level that should last me for at least 3 years before I to think about upgrading parts to play the latest games at a decent level
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #46 Tetragrammaton 2 years ago
    @roomtemperature Depends entirely on how patient you're willing to be. For pure power right now, you're looking between $500 and $1000, easy. On the other hand, if you're willing to wait for sales and tinker with settings, the range is $350 to $700.

    There's a bunch of tools to make deciding what to put in your PC easy. I can't find my favorite one (thank you windows for wiping my settings) but is solid. When/if I find the one I'm actually looking for I'll PM you.
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  • Avatar for Joefus2256 #47 Joefus2256 2 years ago
    Am I allowed to just say 3DS? They just keep throwing games at me and I just keep playing them. I just picked up LBX, and I can't wait for TriForce Heroes, Yo-kai Watch, Shovel Knight's Plague of Shadows, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, and Fire Emblem Fates.

    Beyond that if I have to pick a home console, I guess I'd have to say Wii U since I've been playing a lot of Splatoon and I'm looking forward to the whole fall line up on the system. Though I am looking forward to getting a PS4 and playing through MGS5.
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #48 Monkey-Tamer 2 years ago
    My PC serves as not only a beastly gaming console, but also as a home theater. With the 8tb drives Seagate is putting out I've now got over 1,000 HD movies on my rig. Not to mention I can play all the classic video games released up until the XBox 360/PS3 era via emulators, and most of those that I care for were released for PC anyway (still needing Demon Souls and Uncharted). Not to mention I didn't need to replace a blu ray drive, or completely tear down my machine to apply thermal paste, or worry about the yellow light of death. The last gen consoles drove me away from the console market, and I don't think I'll come back unless it's for a Wii U.
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  • Avatar for seejamsrun #49 seejamsrun 2 years ago
    I just finished Xenoblade last night (on my Wii U), and the rest if my time gaming is spent on either Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or (especially) Splatoon. So I guess the answer is pretty clear.

    That said, I do have a PS4 at the ready for Dragon Quest Heroes (and XI, eventually), among other things (I will play Bloodborne...someday).

    The One is tempting me lately, between Scalebound and what have you.

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  • Avatar for buckupprincess #50 buckupprincess 2 years ago
    As the owner and operator of a Wii U, PS4 and a robust iMac, I spend the bulk of my time on the Wii U. Although I truly enjoy my other systems, the Wii U has the strongest library of games and not only are the titles extremely polished, they're also incredibly fun which is quite the commodity these days. Between the first party Nintendo bangers, fantastic indie library and Virtual Console, I'm never at a loss for fun, high quality content.
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  • Avatar for Neifirst #51 Neifirst 2 years ago
    I picked up a 3DS, Wii U, and PS4 at their respective launches. Of those, the Wii U has gotten the most playtime by far, primarily due to time sinks like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Hyrule Warriors, and Mario Kart 8. But I also own another 12 games, all of them very high quality. My most anticipated game is Xenoblade Chronicles X, so I imagine the Wii U will continue to be the one for me, at least through mid-2016.

    Apart from the superlative Bloodborne, nothing on the PS4 has really sunk its teeth into me. Once Fallout 4, Persona 5, and all of those Japanese-developed games finally start hitting, I'm sure my focus will shift to the PS4 (unless NX debuts!).
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  • Avatar for sylvan #52 sylvan 2 years ago
    Well as far as consoles go this one is easy. I only have one current-gen console: the Wii U. I've enjoyed it immensely and I have pretty much every great title released for it.

    When it comes to my platform of choice though... it's my PC. I've got a ton of great games I still haven't finished, and I love picking up excellent games for next to nothing during Steam sales. I am currently playing GTA V, and it is freaking amazing on the PC. In fact, a lot of indie games and older console titles I already own (Skyrim, Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Shovel Knight) I also buy for my PC. They look and play so much better and I can play whatever I want whenever I want. If you're a parent you understand the need for such efficiency :|
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  • Avatar for pertusaria #53 pertusaria 2 years ago
    It'd have to be the PC for me. I have a WiiU but haven't played on it as much as I expected to. The PC plus the Game Boy defined my childhood gaming, and the PC plus the DS kept me just about in touch with gaming when I grew up and had less spare time. Without the cheapness, easy accessibility and sheer variety offered on PC, I doubt I'd own a WiiU, as I'd have lost interest in games at some point and not looked back.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly given all that, I don't own or have much interest in a PS4 or XBox. It would be tempting to pick up a PS4 at some point in the future for exclusives, if there are enough that interest me by then, but it also seems like it would be a bit daft given my backlog on platforms I already own and other interests / work.
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  • Avatar for TernBird #54 TernBird 2 years ago
    Nintendo 3DS.

    It's got the best variety of games, between JRPGs, puzzle games, rail shooters, strategy games, what-have you. It's portable, which is woefully underrated in this climate: not everyone is stable enough to have a decent laptop or TV screen for their big, beefy consoles, not to mention the sheer convenience of being able to bring stuff like Majora's Mask around with you.

    There are also the great, great retro titles we have on tap, and--what could be most important--a 3DS is a great conversation starter.
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  • Avatar for TotalHenshin #55 TotalHenshin 2 years ago
    I own all three and I'd probably go with Wii U. Are you asking with which I spend the most time? Obviously I go where the games are. I wouldn't own all three consoles if I didn't. Right now I'm addicted to MGSV in an unhealthy fashion. Two weeks ago, I was on a serious Rare Replay kick.

    I don't typically play modern games, unless something I really want to play comes out (e.g. the previous two games named, Bloodborne, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc). If I did play modern games more frequently, I still think the Wii U would offer me the most games I'd enjoy most per game. Also, Virtual Console and Wii backwards compatibility.
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  • Avatar for JJtheTexan #56 JJtheTexan 2 years ago
    I've been a Nintendo-only player for life, but I recently built a gaming PC to finally fill the vast void of high-quality Never Coming to Nintendo Platform games. If I had to stick to only one console, it would be Wii U, hands-down.
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  • Avatar for docexe #57 docexe 2 years ago
    It probably doesn’t count as a proper answer given that there are just too many games in different platforms that I want to play, so I would never settle for just one if I could help it, but the way things have operated for me in the past generations dating back to the 32/64 bit era: I choose the Nintendo machine first because I’m an addict to many of their exclusive franchises, and it is my exclusive system of that particular hardware generation until its twilight years, when I finally have enough money to buy the Sony machine.

    So right now the Wii U is the 8th generation machine I own and I probably would be content having it as my only 8th generation machine for the next couple of years if I can’t pick up a PS4 next year (and with the current dollar parity and craptastic economy, I probably won’t). Granted, if I have to be honest I’m currently playing less on my Wii U than I’m playing on my PS3, but that’s mostly due to the massive backlog that I accumulated thanks to PS Plus and the PSN flash and seasonal sales.

    And with all the games I have yet to play on both systems and the fact that my free time is limited, I think I probably won’t need to buy another 8th generation machine until 2018.
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #58 jeffcorry 2 years ago
    PC and Wii U. I didn't think I'd ever say much about PC...but then I discovered Steam and a laptop that could handle PS3 level games quite reasonably...
    I haven't really looked very hard at the other two consoles. Xbox One backwards compatibility is a huge boon for a guy like me...
    But I do like fancy specs and nice framerate.
    It doesn't matter until Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy VII Remake are a bit more of a reality. I know there are great games on the other two systems besides those...but none have really tempted me to "bite".
    I just got a Vita TV Chronicles II is awesome on the big screen. I wouldn't call it my favorite system, but at least I'll be able to try out Tales of Hearts when I get around to it.
    PC and Wii U for now. I mean...Mario Kart's amazing.
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  • Avatar for NinjaCatfish #59 NinjaCatfish 2 years ago
    If I hjad to choose only one, it would be the PS4. I can understand why people would say PC, but I have found so far that the exclusives I *really* want to play are all on PS4.
    Bloodborne is the biggest one, and even for multi-platform games the PS4 is generally the better place to play (apart from PC, if you can be bothered with all that PC entails).

    That said, if I didn't have my Wii U i would miss Smash TERRIBLY.
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  • Avatar for ping33 #60 ping33 2 years ago
    1st) Vita - I get so sick of hearing that it has no games. I have a massive backlog for it packed with either games not available anywhere else (Stein's Gate, Ys Memories of whateveritis) or Ports which I would rather play on the go (Walking Dead Season 2, Lost Dimension)

    2) 3DS - again, as a professional with a family I get by far more time to play games on a commute or otherwise out and about. For all the reasons others have mentioned portable systems win out for me and the 3DS is a great one, though when stuff is dual 3ds/vita I will go for the Vita visuals

    3) Ps4 a really great next-gen system. the suspend/sleep mode is fantastic.
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  • Avatar for bigbramble #61 bigbramble 2 years ago
    Deleted September 2015 by bigbramble
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  • Avatar for Darkarm66 #62 Darkarm66 2 years ago
    Wii U. It will never have the glut of quality software like the Wii and even Gamecube did, but the software it does have just feels polished to insane degree. Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3, The Wonderful 101, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors. A year ago, if that was it for the system, I would've been satisfied being stuck with the system. Then Splatoon came out and created a bigger between me and wanting any other system. It's a classic for me, based on all the hours I've put into it. Not even Smash gave me a 'one more match turn into a 5 hour session' feeling. They even did the content updates well (and it should really lead to updated reviews).

    Add in the fact that the Wii U didn't render the my previous gen's library useless and that second screen being a godsend when you don't have a decent HDTV, The Wii U is aces for me.
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  • Avatar for Mooglepies #63 Mooglepies 2 years ago
    I'm on PC and handhelds for the most part. The Vita particularly for me has been a godsend on my long commute, even if the only thing I use it for is PS1 games and Lumines.

    My WiiU gets a fair amount of use too because a lot of the genres I like are well represented.

    My PS4 though is basically a Bloodborne machine. There's nothing I care about coming out on it in the short to medium term, so it's going to be gathering dust for a while unless there's some shock announcement of DLC for Bloodborne or my tastes change wildly.
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  • Avatar for MontyForever #64 MontyForever 2 years ago
    PC. Will play consoles for their exclusives, but only as a necessity. Consoles are still too slow with their feature sets and multitasking (Or lack thereof) to warrant frequent usage. Nintendo's first party is still worth buying a system for.Edited September 2015 by MontyForever
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #65 airbagfin51 2 years ago
    In terms of usage: PS4 > Wii U > PC, but PC isn't the 'loser' for the normal reasons.

    The PS4 most consistently keeps me around with a pretty cool variety of games (despite peoples' concerns about content on the machine), the PS+ discounts, and (amusingly) the social features (i.e. just the connectivity).

    The Wii U remains fond to the heart, providing escapades into some Nintendo-centric titles (the Marios, the Pikmins), but also some nice indie surprises (my fave of the year has been Affordable Space Adventures). It also lets me dabble in a new, improved Art Academy at times when I may not care much for games but still want digital bliss.

    I have a pretty good PC, and I would spend more time on it. Except...I don't have that much time. The thing with a lot of PC stuff is, I'm finding, you want to spend a lot of time on them. You want to customize. You want to download mods. You want to tune your simulator. You want to try the infinite number of little early access or freemium efforts. But to do all this, you need time. Which I don't have.

    Also, although it is getting better, I just don't like rebooting into Windows to play some of the games.Edited 3 times. Last edited September 2015 by airbagfin51
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