USgamer Community Question: Who is Today's Best Game Developer?

USgamer Community Question: Who is Today's Best Game Developer?

This weekend, we pose a tough one: Who do you think makes the best video games in this day and age?

Team USgamer has been scattered to the four winds this week; today, Jaz, Kat, and Bob are putting the wraps on Game Developers Conference 2015, while Mike is on the other coast walking three miles through 10 feet of snow, uphill both ways, to get to PAX East. And Jeremy is... doing paperwork and building publishing calendars, because that's what editors-in-chief do.

With the whole team more or less out of commission (if by "out of commission" you mean "dashing back and forth madly to make dozens of appointments"), today seemed like a perfect opportunity to pose a tricky community question — one we can't really answer ourselves. No doubt the whole of Team USgamer has opinions on this matter, but revealing our respective answers might damage any illusion of impartiality we might present. And we, as very serious game journalists, couldn't have that.

But you have no such concerns. You can be as biased or opinionated as you like, because you're not supposed to cover all these developers and their games! And so we put the question to you, O readers of USgamer: Who is today's best game developer?

This is not a question about all-time greats. Yeah, cool, Chrono Trigger or Ultima VII are your favorite games ever, but those were created 20 years ago! The companies that made them have changed radically or no longer exist. We're talking about today's developers, the ones still in business making new creations. Who's best at it?

Any answer is valid, as long as they've made a game in the past year or two! It could be a vast, multi-pronged international corporation with thousands of employees. Or maybe it's one dude making iPhone games on the clock at his day job while his boss isn't paying attention. It could be a development studio as vast as Ubisoft or as minor league as Dong Nguyen. That's great! Just let us know your thoughts, because we want to know. Who makes today's best games? And what makes you say that?

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