USgamer Community Weekend Discussion Thread: Watch_Dogs or MK8?

How will you be spending your weekend? Driving funny karts with Mario, or stealing your wheels from the innocent? Let's talk!

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but they never talk much about May. Well, this year, May sort of limped in with nothing to much to speak of, but it's going out like a Q4.

Two massively anticipated blockbuster titles hit this week: Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs and Nintendo's Mario Kart 8. While neither quite made the top cut in our editorial awards for the month, they came in close! And, honestly, we don't think being slightly edged out by last week's superlative releases in our voting is going to have too negative an impact on their sales. Somehow, Ubi and Nintendo will get by.

All of this is just a build-up to the real question here: Which will you be playing this weekend? Both Mario Kart 8 and Watch_Dogs involve driving and weaponry, but in very different ways. What's your poison? Do you prefer the whimsical nonsense of Mario's latest trip to the speedway with his pals, or would you rather occupy Chicago and engage in some reckless vehicular manslaughter? Or maybe there's some other game that'll be dominating your free time this weekend. The classic Sly Cooper Collection for Vita? Aksys' Persona-esque Mind Zero? Indie cutie-pie Ittle Dew? Or even (gasp) some older game that came out before this week?

Well, whatever the case, tell us about it. USgamer doesn't have forums (at least not yet), but we'd love to get a conversation going here with you! Tell us about your weekend plans, and we'll tell you about ours. They're going to be super exciting. No, seriously. Just you wait.

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