USgamer does Instructional Everquest Next/Frozen Musical Tribute Mash-Up

USgamer does Instructional Everquest Next/Frozen Musical Tribute Mash-Up

Ever wanted to hear someone turn an Everquest Next: Landmark guide into a musical tribute to Frozen? Of course you did. Take it away, Cassandra...

I feel like I should explain this, somehow. Or, maybe, blame it on alcohol. But the worrying truth is that I decided to transform an instructional guide into a musical while stone-cold sober. Why? Because I can. Which, all things taken into consideration, is as good an explanation as any. (I think.)

If you feel like you just waltzed in on a whim and question, Everquest Next is Sony Online Entertainment's highly ambitious upcoming MMO. Currently, the Minecraft-esque portion of it is available to those who have purchased alpha access. It's called Landmark and it's rather snazzy, if Mike's preview of it is any indication of things. I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll be singing more guides in the future. However, there will be at least one rendition of this 'Let it Go' parody from Richard Cobbett.


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