USgamer Is at PAX West! Here's Our Full Schedule of Events!

USgamer Is at PAX West! Here's Our Full Schedule of Events!

We've got a ton of exciting events on the agenda this year.

Disclosure: USgamer is owned and operated by ReedPop, which also runs the PAX family of shows.

We originally published this on August 6, 2019, and are republishing now that PAX West is this weekend. Check our our full schedule of panels below!

USgamer is officially going to PAX West! Mike, Eric, and Nadia will be in Seattle from August 30 to September 2, and we've got a whole bunch of exciting events on the docket during that weekend.

This year we're doing things a little bit differently: Gamer Network is getting a theater to itself! Pop over to the Sphinx Theater throughout the week to see shows, panels, and events from USG, RPS, Digital Foundry, Outside Xbox, and the rest of the Gamer Network family.

This year's highlights include Justin Wong taking on all comers in Granblue Fantasy Versus; a conversation with Bloodlines 2 writer Cara Ellison, and a live show with our friends at GameXplain. Plus, delves into the next-generation of console wars, VG247 is ranking every Final Fantasy from best to work, and more. Here's the full schedule of Gamer Network panels!

Come join USG at PAX West! | Photo Credit: Kat Bailey

All events will take place at the Sphinx Theatre at the nearby Sheraton Hotel.

USgamer and GameXplain LIVE at PAX West!

Time: Friday at 7:30pm PT

Description: The crew of the popular Youtube channel GameXplain join USG writers Nadia Oxford, Mike Williams, and Eric Van Allen live at PAX West! Join them as they talk Breath of the Wild 2 theories; speculate on which Smash Bros. characters will be announced next; discuss how Nintendo is doing so far in 2019; look ahead to how the Switch will fare against next generation consoles, and much more!

USGamer presents: Test Your Might Against Justin Wong in Granblue Fantasy Versus and Win Prizes

Time: Saturday at 4:30pm PT

Description: Top-ranked fighting game player Justin Wong is in the house, and he's ready to be challenged by YOU in the upcoming fighter Granblue Fantasy Versus. Come take on Justin Wong in an onstage battle with live commentary, and if you can beat him, you'll get a prize!

USGamer Presents: Axe of the Blood God LIVE: A Deep Dive Into the Amazing Visual Storytelling of Final Fantasy 7's Midgar

Time: Sunday at 12:00pm PT

Description: On USgamer's official RPG podcast,we've talked extensively about how Final Fantasy 7's atmosphere is still stunning thanks to the thoughtful construction of Midgar. With the Remake on its way, Nadia Oxford [USG], Tim Rogers [Kotaku], and Ash Paulsen [GameXplain] delve into some of the most iconic areas of Midgar, from the Slums to Aerith's Church, and break down why Final Fantasy 7's famous setting is one of the greatest in gaming history.

USGamer Presents: The Twisted Timeline of Metal Gear Solid

Time: Monday at 10:30am PT

Description: We go through all the double dealings, deaths, and clones of the Metal Gear series! What's the deal with Ocelot and his possessed hand? How does Solidus Snake relate to Liquid Snake? Join the experts from USG, Game Informer, and Gameranx and find out!

The Art of Writing Video Games: A Conversation With Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Writer Cara Ellison

Time: Monday at 4:30pm PT

Description: Former critic and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 writer Cara Ellison is joined onstage by USG news editor Eric Van Allen to talk about the art of writing video games, how going from critic to writer changed her perspective, and what it takes to bring a beloved RPG into the modern era."

Additionally, USG team members will be on the following panels. You can find the dates and times below!

  • Hidden Gems: Discovering the Undiscovered of PAX West / Friday @ 6:30 p.m / Cat Theatre (Mike Williams)
  • Good News, Everyone! A Discussion Of Reporting On Videogames / Saturday @ 6:30 p.m / Hippogriff Theatre (Eric Van Allen)
  • GameSpot Presents…The Best Games We Thought We Wouldn't Like / Sunday @ 11am / Sasquatch Theatre (Mike Williams
  • Retronauts: Super Metroid vs. Symphony of the Night / Monday @ 3pm / Raven Theatre (Nadia Oxford)

In addition to the events listed above, we will be doing our customary interviews, hands-on previews, and news items, so you'll want to keep an eye on the site throughout the weekend. For more information about PAX West 2019 badges and registration, check out our complete guide.

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