USgamer Takes on Ninja Gaiden in the Second Episode of One-Hit Wonders

USgamer Takes on Ninja Gaiden in the Second Episode of One-Hit Wonders

We challenge one of the most notoriously difficult NES games ever in this contest to see who can make it the furthest without a single mistake.

Need a little something to do with your weekend? Why not watch the USgamer team challenge one of the most legendarily difficult NES games of all time: Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden.

We've fine-tuned things since last week's inaugural episode, switching up the rules to make this contest more entertaining for you, the all-important viewer. We've selected a more challenging game (Ninja Gaiden, in honor of last week's interview with composer Keiji Yamagishi), restricted everyone to a single attempt, and generally strived to keep the pace brisk, snappy, and confined to a single video for everyone. We also managed to get the whole editorial team to join in this time! Enjoy:

Our next episode will change things up a bit, switching genres. We'll try to play more than just NES games, too, though we're somewhat limited in selections by our desire to play games that anyone can play easily on current systems. Sega's and SNK's lack of support for Wii U Virtual Console after their great showings on Wii is a real letdown and definitely complicates things, but we'll definitely do our best. Oh, and you can expect to see some more recent and current releases in the mix from time to time.

Check out the latest episode, and feel free to share your own attempts at being a Ninja Gaiden one-hit wonder in the comments! We can't offer prizes for the best effort since there's no way to verify whether or not you used save states or other tools, but at the very least you can vie for the adolation of your peers!

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