USgamer's 2016 in Review: All The Games, News, and Trends Worth Remembering

USgamer's 2016 in Review: All The Games, News, and Trends Worth Remembering

The USgamer team reflects on the games that kept them warm through a cold year.

2016 wasn't the happiest, most prosperous years in the history books, but hey – at least we had some great games! Right?

Now that the year is drawing to a close (whew), the team at USgamer is looking back at some of the games and industry trends that deserve contemplation and recognition. Please join us, and have an excellent holiday! Please continue to love and support us through 2017.

USgamer's Best Games of 2016

Game of the Year
Our favorite game of 2016, as chosen by the staff.

Best Single-Player Campaign
From Titanfall 2 to Dragon Quest VII, the USgamer team celebrates their favorite single-player campaigns of 2016.

Best Multiplayer
The USgamer team looks back on the best multiplayer campaigns 2016 had to offer.

USgamer's 10 Favorite Games of the Year
RPGs, shooters, platformers and more: The USgamer team picks their ten favorite titles through 2016.

Best Visual Style
What were the prettiest games of 2016? Here's what we picked!

Loveliest Soundtrack
Our favorite game music of 2016.

The Game Worlds We'd Like to Live In
The game worlds that jumped out at us in 2016.

Biggest Disappointment
Alas, there have been a few.

Best Surprise
The successes that surprised us in 2016.

Best Sidekick
All of our favorite NPCs from this year's games.

2016 in Review: Essays and Thinkpieces

The JRPG is Doing Just Fine, Thanks
Jeremy looks back on how 2016 was quite kind to JRPGs, indicating the genre is alive and well.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vs. Titanfall 2: Campaign Design Comparison
Jaz compares the campaigns for two of 2016's biggest shooting games.

From Madden to NBA 2K17, Kat Explores the Best Sports Games of 2016
Kat looks back on the best sports games 2016 had to offer.

2016 Successfully Used Familiar Faces to Introduce New Ideas
Nadia explores how nostalgia proved to be a helpful tool for introducing gamers to new ideas in 2016.

The Trials of AAA and The Rise of the Never-Ending Service Game
Though general game sales are doing well, triple-A games are having a hard go of things. Mike talks about what comes next for big-budget titles.

More Than Pokémon: The Monster Battling Boom of 2016
Jeremy Signor looks back at the awesome monster-battling games 2016 gave us.

In Praise of the B-Game
Jeremy Parish celebrates the numerous (and often excellent) B-tier games that you might've overlooked in 2016.

What Was the Best Multiplayer FPS Game of 2016?
Every year seems to feature a bevy of quality FPS titles, but 2016 saw some exceptional releases. Which was the best? Jaz offers his opinion.

Why No Man's Sky Initial Disappointment Still Hurts
For many, No Man's Sky was 2016's biggest disappointment. Kat examines how its failure to garner admirers may cause developers to avoid taking chances with game design.

The Narrative Games of 2016
More than ever, it's possible to play a game that revolves around interesting conversations. Jeremy Signor looks back on the best this relatively new genre has to offer.

Axe of the Blood God: The Year in RPGs
Kat and Nadia look back on all of the best RPGs of 2016.

Community Question: Was 2016 a Good Year for Games?
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