USgamer's Best of E3 2016 Award Winners and Community Picks

USgamer's Best of E3 2016 Award Winners and Community Picks

You've seen our nominees and voted for your own. Which games stood out above the rest in a crowded show floor last week?

Over the weekend, we listed the USgamer team's nominees for best games of E3 2016 — a tidy two dozen upcoming releases that grabbed our attention. We also opened the floor for a community vote. Now, it's time for us to announce our pick for best-of-show and the five games that also stood above the rest, as well as the USgamer community's favorite showings from last week. Some of the results may surprise you... others, probably not. So, without further ado, our award for the best game at E3 2016 goes to...

USgamer Best of E3 2016 Winner

The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

USgamer Community Best of E3 2016 Winner

The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

The USgamer staff and community both agree: Zelda was fantastic. Nintendo took an insane risk this year, devoting a massive booth and an entire day of streaming broadcasts to a single game. But it clearly paid off, at least in terms of mindshare; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild took both our staff and community vote by a long shot. Even those who remain skeptical about Nintendo's ability to pull off such a grand, ambitious adventure (you can hear Kat's caveats — along with Jeremy's optimistic thoughts — on last week's Axe of the Blood God podcast) can't deny the sheer quality of what Nintendo showed off... and supposedly, that was just 1-2% of the full game. We'll see if this adventure truly can live up to the enormous promises Nintendo has implied for it by placing it in such a position of prominence at E3, or if it can justify an upgrade to NX, but for the moment Zelda commands a level of hype and excitement it hasn't seen in years.

Best Non-Playable Game:

Persona 5 (Atlus)
It's always good to separate playable games from the ones that only appear as trailers, right? A great video reel may impress, but the proof is in the playing.

Atlus wouldn't let us go hands-on with Persona 5 (which recently was pushed back from this fall to early next year), but we did enjoy a guided tour and question-and-answer session that helped reassure us that this will certainly be the biggest and most ambitious game Atlus has ever produced. Will it be the best? Hard to say until we play, but Persona 5 certainly doesn't lack for scale, or for style. And with instanced, pre-designed dungeons rather than the randomized labyrinths of earlier Persona games, it should offer a distinct play experience from its predecessors... though it certainly seems to carry forward the social and role-playing elements that fans love.


Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games | Sony)
Guerilla's first open-world outing looked promising when it debuted at E3 2015, and the playable version available for press at E3 gave every indication that the game is well on its way to living up to that potential. Now the only problem is the fight over who gets to review it....

ReCore (Comcept/Armature | Microsoft)
Disappointed by Mighty No. 9? Here's a game designed by Keiji Inafune that basically is the 3D Mega Man X game Capcom never produced... with shades of Metroid Prime (thanks no doubt to the involvement of the former Metroid designers at Armature) and Lost Planet to boot. It's fast, frenetic, unpretentious fun.

Dragon Quest Builders (Square Enix)
Is it Minecraft for the Dragon Quest crowd or Dragon Quest for the Minecraft crowd? Or maybe it's both. Either way, it appears to combine the best of both franchises (freeform sandbox construction and a structured story-driven quest) along with whimsical writing and a charming art style.

Resident Evil VII (Capcom)
Capcom's E3 demo for the new Resident Evil has sparked some controversy for its massive break with series tradition, and for its considerable resemblance to Konami's abortive P.T. teaser from last year. With the game shipping in half a year, though, RE7 (which presumably has been in the works since 2013's Resident Evil 6) seems less like an attempt to crib from the competition and more of a case of convergent evolution: Another attempt to reinvent the series and keep it fresh, breaking from its predecessors the way Resident Evil 4 did.

Forza Horizon III (Turn10 | Microsoft)
These days, even racing games have gone open-world, but wow — what an open world. Forza Horizon III features some of the most gorgeous environments we've ever seen, but those are nowhere near as exciting as the seamless cross-platform drop-in drop-out multiplayer features Microsoft is promising with the next Forza.

Community Runners-Up

Other Staff Nominees

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