Join USgamer's Podcast as It Hops on Gaming's "Soft Reboot" Bandwagon

Join USgamer's Podcast as It Hops on Gaming's "Soft Reboot" Bandwagon

From US To You! adopts a new format just in time for E3 madness. Up this week: Metal Gear, PC gaming, and Hearthstone.

Hey, remember our podcast? The good intentions that brought you our flagship show From US To You! unfortunately exist in a world where we also have to deal with realities like "the whole team living in separate cities from one another" and "the host constantly traveling."

The factors tend not to be especially conducive to regular, reliable podcasting! But From US To You! is meant to be a weekly affair, which is why this week's episode hits the reset button and changes up the format a bit to make it more flexible. Rather than continuing along the "game writer staff roundtable" format every other gaming podcast under the sun uses, we've decided instead to take a leaner, more modular approach.

Beginning with this episode, From US To You! will now consist of smaller, more bite-sized pieces: One-to-one conversations between the host and various people. Generally the host will be me and the various people will be other staff members, but like I said, it's modular. One episode could feature an assortment of hosts talking to various developers. Who knows! It's a mystery! More importantly, it's flexible, meaning we can publish more consistently.

Another feature I'm experimenting with in this episode is the use of portable mics for recording rather than a full sound board. Obviously the portable approach doesn't sound as nice, but I wanted to work out the kinks in the setup before we all vanish for E3 next week. Anyway, have a listen and let us know your thoughts or complaints — I can already see some areas that need improvement. But that's why they call it an experiment!

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

It's a soft reboot for the show as Jeremy goes 1-on-1 with the USgamer crew in preparation for E3 2015. Mike laments Microsoft's poor support for PC gaming, Bob gushes about Metal Gear Solid V, and Kat requests a Hearthstone intervention. (MP3, 1:08:08, 47.2 MB)

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