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Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey. You can find the previous episodes here.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), Kat and Nadia discuss whether the Switch's specs ultimately matter. Are we at the point where strong visuals don't matter so much as style? Can a strong launch sustain the Switch even as it lags behind in terms of power? Also, we talk about Star Wars!

With Rogue One now in theaters (I'm seeing it in a few hours), Mike revisits his favorite Star Wars game: Knight of the Old Republic. But is it the best Star Wars game ever? And more importantly, does it hold up? That's an interesting question.

Also in this episode: The aforementioned Switch discussion! Also, we get a Persona 4 report from Nadia, more yammering about SD Gundam, and some speculation on Valkyria Revolution. And of course, more teraflops.

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Show Description

Mike Williams joins Kat and Nadia to explain why he thinks Knights of the Old Republic is the best Star Wars game ever made. Then, Nadia shares a Persona 4 update before the pair talk Valkyria Revolution, SD Gundam, and the Switch's specs. All of the teraflops? All of the teraflops.

Music from Axe of the Blood God is courtesy of Lena Chappelle, who has also contributed the themes to Active Time Babble and Roleplayers' Realm. I also use music from the RPG Music Pack over at Check it out!

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  • Avatar for The-Challenger #1 The-Challenger A year ago
    I played P4 for the first time, on the hardest difficulty setting this year and found it challenging enough. My favorite part had to be the actual story. The social links provided a neat way to further interact with NPC's. But I only pursued them because certain monsters were gated behind specific S.Links. I also was able to predict the killer so that was kind of special too.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #2 SatelliteOfLove A year ago
    Marie?!? Ewwww.

    Wii U has garbo 3rd party support, the GC and Wii had good support...that largely didn't sell beans.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #3 riderkicker A year ago
    @The-Challenger So it wasn't him, Dio?
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #4 riderkicker A year ago
    @SatelliteOfLove Ehh... It's more like GC and Wii had better 3rd party support but not by much. I remember when Nintendo Power was still published by Nintendo and reading it was just a huge bummer, even before the Wii was announced. It was lucky of NP to meet the same demise of the gaming magazine industry. Nintendo always makes the same promises that it'll be better with third party, but it is never close to what Sony's doing. I'd prefer a nice balance of half 1st party half 3rd party, but Sony and Nintendo are basically mirrors of each other. Still, it's okay to hope for something better.
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  • Avatar for The-Challenger #5 The-Challenger A year ago
    @riderkicker Is that a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference?
    I played the PS2 version and in that one I went with Ai. I don't regret my choice.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #6 Jonnyboy407 A year ago
    @riderkicker agreed. I see a lot of people (no one on this thread) talk about the cube as if were the halcyon days of 3rd party support. It was merely ok and nearly completely dropped off halfway through the life cycle. The huge popularity of the Wii demanded attention of third parties but rarely amounted to more than b-tier games with a heavy casual focus. Don't get me wrong, there's great stuff on Wii, you just gotta dig deep to find it.

    I'm hopeful that at the very least Japanese 3rd parties bring some support to switch. You'd think they'd have an invested interest in having a 2nd viable console in their home market.

    Anyway, we're deep in the weeds. RPGs are awesome!
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #7 riderkicker A year ago
    Kat's manic voice reminds me of Rick from that cartoon. Heh.

    I agree with Kat's assessment on how to go through the dungeons. I try to get as far as I can , with breaks in retreating and coming back, while making sure my Magic Points aren't empty. It gives me a bit more time to work on my social links. I haven't actually finished a second playthrough, so I will have to be more regimented following the guides to get all of the social links. In the PS2 version I managed to get the ultimate Izanagi Persona.

    The Expanded Gundam Universe is more inclusive than Star Wars. I think the timeline is something like One Year War, 0080 War in the Pocket, 0083 Stardust Memories, Advance of Zeta, then Zeta Gundam. AoZ is just a retcon on why the Colonies went all gestapo in five years.

    Now you've made me want to buy the game soon, but I'm waiting for a coupon or deal. Playing the events and actually being able to understand them sounds nice.

    I definitely won't take the Switch out of the house, unless I'm visiting a friend for the weekend. It is a $200+ item. But if I really want to take it out of the house, Nintendo better embrace the cloud or have the dock have some kind of backup mechanismEdited December 2016 by riderkicker
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #8 riderkicker A year ago
    Spent the morning playing Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and a SEED arcade game. Mecha Party indeed.
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #9 Kuni-Nino A year ago
    Kat sounded so amped up in the episode. I can't tell if it was because Star Wars hype was real or that the cold medicine had her riding a mellow sort of high. Either way, I liked it. It was fun to listen to.
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