USgamer's RPG Podcast Talks Persona 5, Wasteland 3, and Sports Games as RPGs

AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD: Nadia and Kat are back to talk about what they've been playing and look at the latest RPG news. Plus, special guest Bryan Wiedey talks about the connection between sports games and RPGs.

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Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey. You can find the previous episodes here.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), Nadia and I enthuse some more about Persona 5 and talk about the recent Wasteland 3 announcement. Then Bryan Wiedey of pastapadre joins us to discuss the rise of story modes in sports games and how they borrow from the RPG genre.

Wasteland continues to be an example of Kickstarter gone right: A classic hardcore RPG series revived for a new generation thanks to crowdfunding. Though it is related to Fallout, the two franchises have diverged quite a bit, with Wasteland focusing much more on core RPG audiences. Wasteland 3's synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer stands out as a particularly interesting innovation that should introduce some really cool roleplaying opportunities. Are you paying attention, Bethesda?

Also in this episode: Bryan Wiedey and I discuss FIFA's new story mode, the ways in which it borrows from RPGs like Mass Effect, and why RPGs and sports sims have always gone hand-in-hand. I even managed to squeeze in a gratuitous Captain Tsubasa reference!

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Show Description

Kat and Nadia share some more thoughts on Persona 5's import version, discuss the Wasteland 3 announcement, and revisit the merits of Dragon Quest on mobile. Then, at 31:15, Bryan Wiedey of joins the pod to talk about the advent of story modes in sports sims and why they are putting a greater emphasis on roleplaying than ever.

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  • Avatar for daverhodus #1 daverhodus A year ago
    I let the sports talk wash over me. I used to play more arcadey sports games a lot. I'd like to give Power Pro Baseball a chance if we ever get a fresh version of it in the US. I feel like liscenses (MLB, NBA etc.) and the business decisions involved have really hurt sports games for me.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #2 riderkicker A year ago
    If there are menus and customization options, it's an RPG for me.
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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup #3 Godots17thCup A year ago
    I wish there was another sports game out there that could tap into the same thrill and satisfaction I got out of Camelot's Mario Tennis for Game Boy Color.

    I'm not sure I touched the exhibition mode with all of the Mario characters more than once or twice; I just had so much fun building up my character and rising up the ranks in the story mode that I just kept replaying it.
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  • Avatar for The-Challenger #4 The-Challenger A year ago
    I love blitzball. It's a shame that it was an afterthought in FFX-2.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #5 Jonnyboy407 A year ago
    Fun listen! Thanks for the great show as always
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