Watch the Replay: Kat and Jaz Battle the Prime Evil in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Watch the Replay: Kat and Jaz Battle the Prime Evil in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Four adventurers will be setting out later today to face the evil of Diablo. Come join them!

We're all done now, but you can find the archived stream below. Join us again on Thursday was Bob plays games featuring Robin Williams including Aladdin and Toys on the SNES!

This week on USstreamer, Jaz and I play around with Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition's Adventure Mode, take your questions, and reflect on how far it's come since launch.

With luck, we'll be able to get a four-player going, as we'll be inviting our significant others along as well (my partner Emily has built up a pretty mean Wizard over the past few days). At a minimum, you'll get the zen of watching demons explode while I say "Unibeam! Unibeam!" over and over (and over) again.

While you wait, please feel free to check out our review, which went up this morning. Both Jaz and I like what we've seen quite a bit, and we're certainly eager to play more once launch hits. I'm thinking I might even grab the PS3 version so I can roll up another new character and play with my friends in Washington D.C.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition marks the series debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring the "Reaper of Souls" expansion, a number of gameplay tweaks, and full 1080p/60 FPS graphics. It will be released on August 19.

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