USstreamer: Experience Grand Theft Auto V the Lawful Good Way at 5 ET/2 PT

USstreamer: Experience Grand Theft Auto V the Lawful Good Way at 5 ET/2 PT

Join Jeremy as he plays the PlayStation 4 remaster of GTA V very, very wrong.

Grand Theft Auto continues to be pretty much the biggest game franchise in the world, indoctrinating the masses into a life of violent crime, and also an appreciation for the Houser brothers' CD collection.

It's a dark, angry, sometimes brutal game starring three lawbreakers. But here's the thing: Trevor revels in his sociopathy, and it's easy for Michael to walk away since he's made his money and settled down. But Franklin, the youngest of the trio, a man trying to make his way in a rough part of town, doesn't really want to be a bad guy. Today, we're going to let Franklin live his dream of a lawful life.

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Join me this afternoon on Twitch as I spend an hour in Franklin's shoes and do my best to be a good citizen of Los Santos. We won't kill, we won't steal, and we won't even run traffic lights. But I will be keeping a close eye on the Twitch chat to take recommendations on how to make Franklin's new law-abiding reality more interesting.

Join me this afternoon at 5 Eastern (2 Pacific) as I attempt to break GTAV, playing it ways Rockstar never intended.

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