USstreamer: Inflict Major Property Damage with Jet Set Radio [Update: Archived!]

USstreamer: Inflict Major Property Damage with Jet Set Radio [Update: Archived!]

Shortly after its 15th birthday, Bob revisits one of the Dreamcast's most iconic games today on

While we Americans had to wait until fall, Japanese Dreamcast owners were playing Sega's Jet Set Radio as early as June 29, 2000—making this unique game 15 years old.

Instead of wondering how this island nation could possibly buy a version of Jet Set Radio lacking the almighty Dragula, why not divert your attention to today's hour-long livestream? It'll be a fun trip back to the turn of the century, when the idea of civil disobedience being met with military force was seen as a hilarious joke!

It all starts on USgamer's channel today at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET—or you can stay on this page and watch the stream from here. And if you can't make it, don't worry; our streams are always backed up on our YouTube channel. And if you're reading this after the stream has already happened, you'll see that version embedded below.

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