USstreamer: Stealing Souls, Making Them Slaves with Aria of Sorrow [Archived!]

USstreamer: Stealing Souls, Making Them Slaves with Aria of Sorrow [Archived!]

Now finished! A mad romp through Dracula's Castle in a classic Castlevania adventure for GBA.

My last trip through Dracula's castle a few weeks ago via Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was pretty much a complete disaster. Besides my faring poorly against the legions of the vampire lord, I also couldn't get my mic to work. I struggled in silence, and you wept with me.

Well, today I can promise no such tragedies will transpire. I'm taking on Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (freshly reissued today on Wii U Virtual Console), and this time I've fixed my mic. I've also fixed the game, in the gambling sense of the word "fix"; rather than playing a fresh file off Virtual Console, I'm going to be loading up my old save file from the Castlevania Double Pack GBA cartridge. Not just any save file, mind you — a 100% soul-acquisition New Game + save file. I am going to own Dracula's minions. And you're going to watch!

Actually, I'd like for you to do more than just watch. Since I'll have a full array of demonic powers at my fingertips, I'd like for you to help steer the stream. I'll swap out abilities and equipment every few minutes, and you guys get to call the shots on how I should tackle the undead armies of Chaos. I'll keep an eye on the chat and watch for interesting ideas for Soul combinations. It'll be a weird and unpredictable session... but hopefully an entertaining one.

The video stream is permanently archived above. Thanks for watching!

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