USstreamer Tuesday: [Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties]

USstreamer Tuesday: [Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties]

You're in for a WoW-themed stream this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there were severe issues with the Twitch stream today. On one side, the presentation while streaming from Mike's PC was less than impressive. On the other, boosted level 90 characters still have to see their class trainers, despite being dropped right in front of the Dark Portal. That means Mike headed into Draenor completely unprepared for anything. Bad experience all around. Sorry folks.

Today's Twitch stream, as always, is dedicated to the newest titles currently on your gaming system of choice. Today, I will be streaming the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor for your viewing enjoyment. We've already reviewed what's available in the expansion, so today we'll be digging into the early hours of the new expansion with brand-new characters.

Like always, you can view the stream in this article or directly on our Twitch channel. Watch live video from usgamernet on

On Thursday's stream, you can... oh wait, there will be no Thursday stream because we like spending time with our families. Next week then.

As an added bonus, Blizzard also showed off the new look for the Horde's Blood Elves, a race that's near and dear to my hearts. Their results are... largely the same as the original models. After some of Jaz's complaints in our review, it good to see faithful updates here.

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