Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

Take a peek at the upcoming reboot of Sega's beloved strategy RPG series.

A reboot of Valkyria Chronicles is headed to the PlayStation 4, and we at USgamer are pretty excited about that—in case you couldn't tell.

Until today, we've only had some minor details and a few magazine pages to rely on, but now, there's a brand-new teaser showcasing what the new Valkyria looks like—possibly in action.

If this trailer is indeed meant to highlight how Azure Horizon plays, it's definitely a departure from the Valkyria we know. Those games were always meant to depict battles between opposing armies, but each side was limited to roughly a dozen-or-so soldiers. This minute of footage could indicate AH's attempt to depict the chaos of war on a much larger scale—which will hopefully require a bit more strategy than your average Dynasty Warriors game.

We still don't know a whole lot about Azure Horizon—other than its vague release date of 2016—but there's now an official website offering plenty of details... if you can read Japanese. But even if you can't, it's at least clear Azure Horizon isn't shy about using inordinately large breasts as a promotional device—a sign of our modern JRPG times if there ever was one.

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