Valve Adds Pop-Up Warnings On Steam to Protect Users From Fake Item Trades

A string of frauds prompted a swift response from Valve.

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Valve is combating games that attempt to peddle fraudulent in-game items by adding several pop-ups if players receive offers for items from games they have never played. The measure is meant to combat fraud in light of two recent games attempting to trick customers with fake rare items for Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2.

The full fix was posted on Steam's GitHub. The change was confirmed by Valve employee Tony Paloma, who also commented on Reddit about the new pop-up measure. Paloma says that more countermeasures are in the works.

"We also started requiring approval for app name changes and have more planned to address this sort of problem that we couldn't get done in one day," said Paloma referring to the recent fraud attempts on Steam. "We are hopeful that having to dismiss two warning dialogs will be sufficient to make people think twice about trades containing forged items, but this is not the end of our response, and we'll continue to monitor, of course."

A forged Team Fortress 2 item. Source: Eurogamer.

Yesterday Valve removed a "fake game" called Abstractism (via Eurogamer) from the Steam store. Players accused Abstractism of cryptojacking their PCs, or remotely use their computers to mine cryptocurrency. Abstractism kept players in the game by creating fake Team Fortress 2 items that retail for as much as $100 on the Steam Marketplace. Another game called Climber was also pulled from Steam for doing something similar with Dota 2 items.

Paloma added the Valve intends to restore items to anyone tricked by scam trades, and the process should hopefully be automatic. Though the exact details are still being worked out by Valve employees and a concrete solution should be given soon.

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