Valve Confirms Impressive "Left 4 Dead 3" Teaser is Fake

Leave this one where it lies.

Valve has confirmed that an impressive looking trailer for what many thought was a teaser for Left 4 Dead 3, is fake. Unfortunately, this probably means we won't see anything Left 4 Dead related at E3.

Yesterday, a mysterious new video popped up on YouTube. The video featured impressively rendered environments, but ended with a shot of a zombie arm just as its hand curled to hold three fingers up. Left 4 Dead games signify their entry numbers with the number of fingers held up by a zombie hand, so many took this to mean that this was a trailer for Left 4 Dead 3.

Unfortunately, Valve has confirmed to PC Gamer that the video is fake, or at least, not one of theirs. That's a shame as the short is incredibly produced, meaning someone out there put a lot of time and effort into making a hoax.

The title of the video is like that of a file name, "20190611wVLACgXBSw04eVv.021162_h264" But the first part of the title "20190611" can easily be translated as the date June 11, 2019. That's the first date of E3. Obviously whoever made the video was trying to suggest a new Left 4 Dead game would be present there.

Internet users who saw the video had their doubts about the video's authenticity. The usage of real-world products like Life cereal and Pepsi in the video was a big red flag for many viewers, and now it looks like they were right.

We haven't heard about Left 4 Dead in some time, but its original developers at Turtle Rock are busy working on their new co-op zombie FPS Back 4 Blood. So you can at least look forward to the spiritual successor when it comes out next-gen.

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