Valve Greenlights Another 100 Steam Games

A whole host of new games have been given the thumbs-up to release on Steam -- any of your favorites among them?

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Another hundred games have made it through Valve's Greenlight program, effectively giving them the thumbs-up to release on Steam when they're ready -- or at least ready to release as an Early Access game.

As always, Valve has made a convenient collection of all of the newly Greenlit games; you can see that here. Valve specifically notes that the titles chosen for this batch were selected according to a combination of Greenlight votes, press attention, crowdfunding successes, performance on other platforms, and performance in awards and contests. That said, some of these titles have been waiting for a Greenlight for over a year now -- charming platformer and Intel Level up 2011 prize winner Trash TV appears to be one of the most commonly cited examples of this.

A hundred new games coming through the floodgates is too many to discuss individually, so here's a few highlights from the collection; let us know if there are any in the new batch that you're particularly looking forward to playing through the comments and notes.

First up, 99 Spirits is an interesting combination of the role-playing and puzzle game genres in which you battle against "Tsukumogami" -- the Japanese folklore legend of everyday objects coming alive on their hundredth birthday. Playing as Hanabusa, a young girl living in the Heian capital of medieval Japan, you must take on a swarm of evil spirits using a sword that lets you see the true form of spirits. 99 Spirits is a Japanese doujin game localized by Fruitbat Factory, and if you already own a copy you'll get a Steam key as soon as it releases on Valve's platform.

Next up, Cardinal Quest II is the sequel to the popular pixel art roguelike. The new version includes six different character lcasses, each with their own talent tree, and promises over "three times the scope" of the original Cardinal Quest, whatever that means. It also maintains the original game's traditional turn-based roguelike nature, complete with procedurally generated levels and permadeath.

Cloudbuilt is a gorgeous-looking 3D platformer that you'll know all about if you caught our coverage of the Eurogamer Expo a while back. The game's creators describe it as a modern, 3D take on old-school platformers like Sonic and Mega Man, and it makes use of a beautiful "pencil sketch" art style that really looks great both in static screenshots and in motion.

Basilisk Games' old-school RPG Eschalon III made it through, too; fans of the way PC gamers used to do things will appreciate this one, though don't expect an easy ride if you're new to the genre. The developers specifically note that it is "not a dumbed down 'RPG for the masses' -- rapid button clicking won't save you here."

Fans of multiplayer space combat may be intrigued to take a look at Nine Dots' 4v4 space sim GoD Factory: Wingmen. The game sadly failed to reach its Kickstarter goal recently, but this hasn't deterred the developers. In fact they strongly believe that the Kickstarter campaign helped to raise a considerable degree of awareness of their game and its Greenlight campaign, and claim to consider being accepted on Steam as "even more important than meeting our funding goal on Kickstarter."

Finally, independent developer Winter Wolves Games has been trying for a very long time to get one of its games -- most of which are dating sims, visual novels or role-playing games with strong elements of the aforementioned niche genres -- on Steam, and has finally succeeded with its fantasy RPG Loren the Amazon Princess -- a title which Winter Wolves specifically describes as a "hardcore role-playing game with replay value."

Check out the full list here, and we'd love to hear some of your favorites, most-anticipated titles or games you're surprised aren't already on Steam in the comments.

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  • Avatar for metalangel #1 metalangel 4 years ago
    I voted for Cloudbuilt. Can't wait to try it.
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  • Avatar for cscaskie #2 cscaskie 4 years ago
    So excited for D-Pad Studios's Savant game. Their sprite work is unparalleled.
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  • Avatar for GaijinD #3 GaijinD 4 years ago
    Oh, hey, the Doctor Who adventure games. I'd actually picked up the first two way back when they were first released internationally, but had pretty much forgotten about getting the rest. I'll have to keep an eye on that bundle.
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  • Avatar for Daedalus207 #4 Daedalus207 4 years ago
    I'm glad to see Hanako's game "Science Girls" made it this time too. I had a lot of fun playing her newer VN, "Magical Diary."
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  • Avatar for pjedavison #5 pjedavison 4 years ago
    @Daedalus207 Magical Diary is excellent! I'm a big fan of Hanako's stuff, particularly MD and Long Live the Queen. I own Science Girls but haven't played it yet.
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