Valve's Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games to Your Smartphones

Two new Valve apps are being prepped for mobile.

News by Matt Kim, .

Steam Link, which Valve previously sold as a Chromecast-like device that could stream your PC games to your television, will now be able to stream your PC games to your mobile devices thanks to a new Steam Link app.

Valve announced the app yesterday, and will be releasing the Steam Link app on Android and iOS devices on May 21. The Steam Link ap supports the Steam Controller, MFi controllers, and various other peripherals.


Valve also announced that Apple TV and other smart TV platforms will run Steam Link. This effectively eliminates the need for Valve's Steam Link hardware device which has been drastically cut in price in recent sales.

In addition, there will also be a new Steam Video app which will come in the summer that will let users watch movies and shows that are available on Steam. So it seems that with the two updates, Steam is both coming after the mobile gaming space, and making inroads into the video streaming market occupied by Netflix and Hulu.

Valve recently announced that the company will start shipping games again, but the studio also seems to be making overtures into expanding its services. Valve also acquired Firewatch developer Campo Santo in a move some believe will help Valve in its game development ventures.

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