Vampyr Getting Difficulty Settings in Summer Update

Vampyr Getting Difficulty Settings in Summer Update

Dr Reid is getting patched up.

Dontnod Entertainment's action-RPG Vampyr is getting a big update later this summer. Expect to see two new game modes that should help make the game more engaging for veteran players while giving newcomers more options to customize their playstyle.

The two new modes are "Story Mode" and "Hard Mode." According to Vampyr publisher Focus Home Interactive, Story Mode "de-emphasizes combat" and lets players concentrate on the game's narrative. Hard Mode is pretty much what its name suggests: Title character Dr Reid experiences a bigger, meatier slice of hell and its inhabitants as he tries to make his way through flu-infested London. Not only is combat more difficult, but slain enemies give up less experience. As a consequence, Dr Reid must "rely even more on embracing citizens to grow in power." What kind of a doctor are you, man?

No "apply sparkles" patch yet, unfortunately. This has been your timely Twilight joke for the month.

In addition to the new challenge settings, the upcoming Vampyr update adds several fixes, tweaks, and optimizations.

We reviewed Vampyr when it landed in June. We praised its engaging concept and cast but felt like the game needed a little more time in the oven before its true potential could be realized. Hopefully these updates provide the shot in the arm Dr Reid needs. Oh, and hey: This wouldn't be a bad time to look over our Vampyr guides and tips.

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