Vanquish PC Port Coming out Later This Month

Vanquish PC Port Coming out Later This Month

Shinji Mikami's Vanquish comes out May 25th with a bunch of bonuses.

After weeks of rumors and teases from SEGA, the company announced that Platinum Games' sci-fi, third-person shooter Vanquish will come out on PC, on Steam, on May 25th.

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The PC version of the game will come with all the expected upgrades including a full PC optimization, unlocked framerate, 4K resolution support, and full mouse and keyboard control options. The graphical overhaul in particular is very exciting considering how visually stunning the original console versions of Vanquish were.

To celebrate the PC release, Vanquish is also including a special Digital Deluxe Edition with pre-orders, which includes a five-song sampler soundtrack, character and enemy avatars, a digital art book, and wallpapers.

As a final bonus, if players already purchased the recently released Bayonetta PC port, or purchase it before May 25th, they will automatically receive 25 percent discount off their Vanquish pre-orders. However, both the discount and the digital deluxe edition end after the 25th, so players would do well to pre-order the game, or purchase Bayonetta, before that date if they want to secure the bonus content and discounts.

Vanquish is Platinum Games' fourth title in conjunction with SEGA following Bayonetta, Infinite Space, and Mad World. Directed by Resident Evil 4 and The Evil Within's Shinji Mikami, Vanquish is a futuristic third-person shooter where players control DARPA agent Sam Gideon as he fights off a renegade Russian military sect in space. To help him, Gideon is equipped with an experimental battle armor that slows down time, which helps him tackle the robot Russian mechs.

Vanquish's combination of fast-paced action with bullet time mechanics, along with a completely over-the-top story and premise made Vanquish an equally manic follow-up to its predecessor, the equally wild and manic Bayonetta.

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