Video Games Live's Street Fighter Megamix

Tommy Tallarico's crowdfunded album has 10 days to reach its goal.

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If you've never made it to a Video Games Live concert, I'd encourage you to check one out -- they're a great night out, and an opportunity to unashamedly geek out over some of your favorite video game themes. Not only that, but they've helped introduce video game music to a much broader audience than just those who play games.

Event co-organizer Tommy Tallarico, a 23-year veteran of the games industry with well over 250 soundtracks to his name, has been quietly working on a crowdfunded Video Games Live-branded album for a while now, and yesterday announced that the album will include a medley of themes from Capcom's classic fighting game Street Fighter II. Here's a direct MP3 link if you want to have a listen for yourself.

The album -- actually the third that Video Games Live will have released, assuming it makes it to market -- is aiming for $250,000 in total, and with 10 days left to go, the current total is at $148,174. Tallarico notes that for the first time since the beginning of the campaign, trends indicate the project will likely not be successfully funded by the deadline, but is refusing to give up so easily.

A trailer for the previous Video Games Live album and PBS special.

"As we've done in the past, we're going to prove everyone wrong," says Tallarico. "We're going to go against the grain and go against the odds to keep this dream and goal alive!"

The final album will be a studio work rather than a live recording, but will make use of a 72-piece orchestra, 60-person choir and full rock band consisting of "world-famous game composers from around the world." It'll include numerous arrangements of video game classics, with works under consideration including Final Fantasy, the Chrono series, Shadow of the Colossus, Skyrim, Journey, Monkey Island, Destiny, DOTA and numerous others. The final setlist will be dependent on getting approval from the respective games' publishers, but Tallarico hopes to include between 15 and 18 tracks on the album, one of which will be the aforementioned Street Fighter II medley, and another of which will be a video game song remix by electronica/trance musician Brian "BT" Transeau.

The campaign page notes that the crowdfunding campaign for the album is not intended to make any money for Video Games Live; instead, it says, "our goal is to continue doing what we love and bringing it to the people who care -- as well as introducing game music to people who don't!" Both Tallarico and the Video Games Live organization will be providing some of the funding themselves, since the project's estimated total cost will actually be somewhat higher than the $250,000 it's asking for from backers.

As with most Kickstarters, there's a range of extravagant rewards on offer in exchange for your donations, many of which will be of particular interest to fans of Tallarico's past work and of video game music in general. Full details of the campaign can be found here.

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