Video: Here's What the Switch Looks Like in Action

Video: Here's What the Switch Looks Like in Action

Nadia plays Arms and 1-2 Switch and lives to tell the tale.

Shortly after their big reveal on Thursday night, Nintendo held a press event in New York so everyone could get a closer look at the Switch. Nadia and Jeremy were both on-hand to get gameplay impressions as well as take some pictures and grab some video.

Nadia played a bunch of games, including Sonic Mania and Splatoon 2, but party-oriented 1-2 Switch and the boxing game Arms were definitely the most "Switch-centric" of the bunch. 1-2 Switch in particular is effectively a demo for the capabilities of the Joy-Con, which is in many ways an upgraded Wii Remote.

A closer look at the Switch and its controllers.

My take? 1-2 Switch looks pretty fun for a drunken party night, but it's hard to imagine it taking off in the same way as Wii Sports when it isn't even a pack-in. Arms, for its part, may well have more staying power, functioning as a kind of massively upgraded combination of Punch-Out!! and Wii Sports Boxing. But like 1-2 Switch, it might have benefited from being a pack-in.

What are your thoughts? Is this what the Wii should have been from the start? Or is Nintendo better focusing on its core fanbase than the "blue ocean" afforded by motion controls?

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