Virtual Boy Easter Egg Hiding in Nintendo Labo VR Kit

Virtual Boy Easter Egg Hiding in Nintendo Labo VR Kit

A look back as Nintendo's virtual reality past.

The upcoming Nintendo Labo VR Kit might be Nintendo's foray in the world of virtual reality with the Switch, but it's not the company's first shot at VR. That honor goes to the Virtual Boy, an ill-fated system that Nintendo released way back in 1995. The Virtual Boy used red 3D LED technology to create its illusion of 3D, but ultimately poor software and high costs led Nintendo to put a stop to the product.

Well, the Virtual Boy is back… sort of. The folks over at GameXplain found an easter egg in the Labo VR Kit's VR Videos section. In the first-person video, the fiction user places their face into a Virtual Boy and boots it up to play some Mario Tennis. It's not actually playable, but it's a nice nod to Nintendo's past.

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit is the fourth Labo Toy-Con set. It comes with lenses and a housing for your Nintendo Switch, allowing the system to offer virtual reality content. This includes a host of mini-games, and new VR additions for Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This package of lenses and cardboard, this gateway to cheap VR, will only set you back $79.99 if you already have a switch.

We here are USG are still waiting for our review unit, but you can check out our round-up of all the outlets that were able to get their hands on one before we did. The Nintendo Labo VR Kit is available tomorrow, April 12.

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