Viscera Cleanup Detail: Life's Not Easy for Space Station Janitors

Clean up in Deep Space 9! Ever wondered who cleans up the mess after the space-faring heroes are done saving the universe? You, that's who.

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It's finally over. The Lovecraftian nightmares from the deepest bowels of alien hell are dead. Humanity has triumphed. Normally, this would be where you go out and celebrate with prodigious amounts of alcohol. Unfortunately, someone has to stay behind and clean the bloody mess. Emphasis on the word 'bloody'.

Made in 10 days by the creators of Rooks Keep, Viscera Cleanup Detail is a rib-tickling, cringe-inducing look at what happens after the hero has saved the day. As part of the intrepid janitorial crew, it's your responsibility to mop up the blood, incinerate the remains, take out the tonsils and do everything you can to return the space station to its former immaculate glory.


Housekeeping has never been this fun (or gory). The demo opens with you being deposited inside a series of lonely, blood-splattered hallways. Armed with nothing but your gloved hands and a futuristic mop, you must then, quite literally, pick up all the pieces. Arms. Bullets. Disembodied torsos. Nameless bits of viscera. You name it, it'll be there to collect, deposit into a bio-hazard container, and deliver to the local incinerator. Don't make the mistake of dropping your box of body parts, though, or you're going to have to rinse out that spot too. Eeewww.

According to the website, this first-person 'space station janitor' simulator is very much still a work-in-progress. As such, you probably shouldn't expect it to be perfectly tuned just yet. Nonetheless, it's still a deliciously clever idea and you should totally consider voting for them on Steam Greenlight.

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