Vivid Fallout Mod Compiles the Best Fallout 4 Texture Mods in a Single Collection

A one stop shop to up your Fallout 4 game's look.

Hein84 is a well-known modder who's known for making some stellar Fallout 4 texture mods. Now they've released a compilation of their texture mods available all in a single package, which you can install to add a more realistic, and deeper texture to your Fallout 4 game. Hein84 even claims that their richer textures are less demanding on a graphics card than Fallout 4's vanilla texture.

The Vivid Fallout-All in One adds more realistic, weathered textures to the overall environment, making the post-apocalyptic Boston wasteland feel even more rough-and-tumbled, but also gorgeous. You can also scale the mode up and down to best suit the power of your gaming setup.

Check out the two comparison images below of Vanilla Fallout 4, and what the game looks like with the mod installed.

The mod is available on the Mod Nexus page, and is available in 1K, 2K, or 4K versions. To better suit your personal PC, there is also a 'Best Choice' version which balances texture quality and performance, or 'Best Performance' version to make sure the game runs smoothly with the mod installed.

You'll also have to uninstall any of Hein84's previous mods before installing the All in One, or risk not being able to run the game at all.

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