Voez Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch - and You Can't Play It on TV

Voez Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch - and You Can't Play It on TV

Nintendo wants us to think of the Switch as a console, but it's clearly not going to discourage touch-based games either. Nor should it.

The Nintendo Switch is a bit like the ambiguously foamy "Shimmer" product from Saturday Night Live. Is Shimmer a floor wax? Is it a dessert topping? It's both! Is the Switch a console? Is it a portable? It's both!

Well, Nintendo says the Switch is both a console and a portable, and it's especially concerned with spinning the system as a game console you can take on the go. But developers are already treating the Switch like a portable system – a gussied-up tablet, even. Voez, a pretty rhythm game, is coming to the Switch (on launch day, no less), and it's a game that doesn't use the system's console mode, or even its controllers. It's exclusively a touch-screen title. In fact, Voez already exists on iOS and Android.

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It's easy to understand why Nintendo's pushing the Switch as a console. It doesn't want to devalue the Nintendo 3DS and discourage people from treating it like a separate portable system (which totally worked out for the Game Boy Advance when the Nintendo DS hit the market). At the same time, Nintendo's not about to dissuade developers from putting their games on the Switch in whichever format works best for said developers. The Switch desperately needs third-party games, and having a notable one at launch is a win.

I currently regard the Switch as a portable system I can throw onto my TV, hassle-free, for a bit of couch-gaming. While I expect most Switch games will ultimately have tablet-to-TV capabilities, I'm not bothered that some, like Voez, clearly won't. Nintendo can say "the Switch is a console," but locking out touch screen exclusives just to deliver on the Switch's mission statement would be dumb.

Besides, I'm very much looking forward to seeing some interactive novels on Switch. It's high time more people played Device 6, and that game simply can't exist on any device that's not a phone or a tablet.

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