Voice Actor Logan Cunningham's Supergiant Reel Is Seriously Impressive

Voice Actor Logan Cunningham's Supergiant Reel Is Seriously Impressive

Supergiant Games' Logan Cunningham shows off his pipes.

If you're a long-time fan of Supergiant Games, then you're already familiar with the low, gravel-filled pipes of voice actor Logan Cunningham. If the hit roguelite game Hades is your introduction to Cunningham's acting, you'll want to take a look at a recent video that gives you an idea of how hard Cunningham works. And if you're a Supergiant veteran who thinks they know every role Cunningham plays: Think again. You might be surprised to learn how many characters you attributed to someone else's voice.

A proper demo reel's supposed to start at the beginning, and that's what Cunningham does. His video, posted to Twitter late last night, kicks off with demonstrations of his best-known characters: the narrator from 2011's Bastion, and the Transistor from 2014's Transistor. From there, he shows examples of the many characters he voiced in 2017's Pyre.

Things get really interesting when the video focuses on Cunningham's work for Hades. Turns out his voice is much more elastic than most people probably expected. Cunningham gives voice to the booming, bitter Hades—that much is obvious. He's also the game's narrator, which I suspected, though the slight British accent threw me off at first. Other roles that are cool surprises include the ever-boastful Poseidon, the Minotaur Asterius, and the sad, soft-voiced Achilles.

Supergiant has been a close-knit team since its very beginnings, which is a very nice thing to see in an industry that's so tumultuous and quick to dispose of workers. Hades is a hit, which means Cunningham has all the more reason to hang around and lend his voice to whatever Supergiant has planned next. We can't wait to see it—and hear it.

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