Want Jeff Kaplan's D.Va Jersey From the Latest Overwatch Developer Update? Too Bad

Want Jeff Kaplan's D.Va Jersey From the Latest Overwatch Developer Update? Too Bad

RIP, stylish D.Va jersey dreams.

Blizzard released another Overwatch Developer Update today, cataloguing the many changes coming to the game: customizable crosshairs, allegedly drastically dropping the amounts of duplicates and raising the amounts of credits players get from duplicates. But most eye-catching of all had nothing to do with the updates on the horizon for the multiplayer shooter, it was the clothes on Director Jeff Kaplan's back: a D.Va hockey jersey, clad with sponsorships like the former esports champion's meka.

Almost immediately, fans across social media (from Reddit to Twitter) exploded with thirst for the themed jersey. Overwatch has been known to have blasé official merchandise in the past (at least in this gal's opinion), so seeing something so… wearable without being obnoxious was exciting. Unfortunately though, the chances of fans across Overwatch one day donning their own Overwatch-licensed D.Va jerseys were quickly nullified.

On Twitter, Blizzard confirmed that the jersey was custom made by the Overwatch team. Custom made, as in not leaving Blizzard's offices for retail anytime soon. Who knows though: Blizzard's been known to listen to their fans. Listening to their audience is what got a pillow spray in for Ana, the new crosshair customization coming to the game, and arguably, the once BlizzCon-exclusive Pachimari plushie. Maybe if fans plead enough, an overpriced D.Va jersey could materialize out of thin air and make its way to the online store.

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