Warcraft Director Duncan Jones Teases Work on a Rogue Trooper Movie

Warcraft Director Duncan Jones Teases Work on a Rogue Trooper Movie

Duncan Jones seems to be sliding between comic book pages for his next project.

Movie director Duncan Jones teased his next project on Twitter yesterday, and it appears to be an adaptation of the Rogue Trooper comic book series. Jones was also the director behind 2016's Warcraft movie.

Rogue Trooper is a British science fiction comic series that's been active since 1981. The titular Rogue is a genetically-altered blue-skinned super soldier who's on the hunt for the delightfully-named Traitor General. Rogue sports an iconic mohawk, and in Jones' teaser video where he muses about which comic property he wants to work with, he takes off his cap to reveal a (blue) mohawk of his own.

Jones is a talented director who also gave us the critically-acclaimed sci-fi movie, Moon. Unfortunately, his attempt to direct a blockbuster movie based on a triple-A franchise—2016's Warcraft—didn't go well. The flick has some impressive effects, but the plot was criticized for being a derivative mess. The Warcraft film currently stands with a 27% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Duncan admits he regrets how Warcraft turned out, and eventually revealed studio politics bogged down the film's production. Rogue Trooper isn't a video game property (though it's had video games based on it), but it seems like a good fit for Jones. Hopefully we'll see him take a stab at another game property sometime. I'm down for a Jones-directed Neopets movie, frankly.

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