Gotta Orc 'Em All: Warcraft Reportedly Getting Its Very Own Pokemon Go Mobile Clone


Tucked away in a report about the state of Diablo at Blizzard published today was a little tidbit about another mobile game under development at Blizzard. Apparently it's described as Warcraft meets Pokemon Go.

Kotaku published a report about the state of the Diablo series and Diablo 4 specifically when it also detailed how mobile games are treated at Blizzard. Quite well it turns out and many developers are fans of high-profile mobile games like Niantic's Pokemon Go. So much so that naturally Blizzard went ahead and started work on its own take using its Warcraft franchise.

The project reportedly came about not only because it's a chance to get in on the massive popularity of Pokemon Go, but because lead designer Cory Stockton is a big Pokemon fan.

No word yet on release date, whether it will be in AR, or pretty much anything else other than that it's in-development now and that it has some single-player mechanics.

Mobile games at Blizzard are developed by a new team called Incubation which includes the team working on Diablo Immortal with NetEase. The team focuses on smaller projects that aren't possible under the year-long development cycles of Blizzard's bigger teams.

Other details from the report revealed what a scrapped Diablo 4 project could have looked like (Dark Souls, apparently) and other interesting info. The report comes at the heels of a controversial reveal for Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon which has since thrown the future of the series into question.

Check out our Diablo Immortal guide for all the info we have so far about Blizzard's upcoming mobile game.

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