Warface Ranks List

Warface Ranks List

Here are all of the ranks you can reach in Warface.

Warface is a free-to-play shooter that recently made its way to Nintendo Switch. It's a pretty robust experience, offering players 90 ranks to work through and level up to. With so many possible, you might be wondering what the full list looks like, including the emblems involved. Let's take a look.

Ranks List

There are 90 ranks to work through in Warface. They are as follows (thanks to maxime.planethoster for compiling these):

  1. Recruit
  2. Cadet Junior
  3. Cadet
  4. Cadet Senior
  5. Cadet 1st Class
  6. Soldier
  7. Private Basic
  8. Private 2nd Class
  9. Private
  10. Private 1st Class
  11. Specialist
  12. Gunnery Specialist
  13. Technical Specialist
  14. Specialist 1st Class
  15. Ranger
  16. Lance Corporal
  17. Corporal
  18. Fireteam Leader
  19. Sergeant 3rd Class
  20. Sergeant 2nd Class
  21. Sergeant
  22. Sergeant 1st Class
  23. Staff Sergeant
  24. Gunnery Sergeant
  25. Master Sergeant
  26. First Sergeant
  27. Command Sergeant
  28. Master Gunnery Sergeant
  29. Sergeant Major
  30. Company Sergeant
  31. Warrant Officer Candidate
  32. Warrant Officer
  33. Chief Warrant Officer
  34. Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class
  35. Master Warrant Officer
  36. Quartermaster
  37. Officer Cadet Junior
  38. Officer Cadet Senior
  39. Ensign
  40. Second Lieutenant
  41. First Lieutenant
  42. Captain Lieutenant
  43. Lieutenant
  44. Lieutenant Colonel
  45. Captain Lieutenant
  46. Captain
  47. Captain 1
  48. Captain 2
  49. Captain 3
  50. Colonel
  51. Brigadier
  52. Field Marshal
  53. Commander
  54. High Commander
  55. Supreme Commander
  56. Major General
  57. Lieutenant General
  58. General-Field Marshal
  59. SF Second Lieutenant
  60. SF First Lieutenant
  61. SF Sublieutenant
  62. SF Lieutenant
  63. SF Lieutenant-Colonel
  64. SF Lieutenant-Captain
  65. SF Captain
  66. SF Captain 1
  67. SF Captain 2
  68. SF Captain 3
  69. SF Colonel
  70. Warface
  71. Morrigan
  72. Odin
  73. Mars
  74. Athena
  75. Ashur/Horus
  76. Indra
  77. Guan Yu
  78. Mantus
  79. Artaius
  80. Ares
  81. Apache
  82. Spartan
  83. Maori
  84. Vityaz
  85. Hussar
  86. Viking
  87. Shinobi
  88. Mogul
  89. Templar
  90. Samurai

Rank Emblems

Thanks to reddit user u/DeadNukeBoy, we have a neat graphic outlining the emblems for each rank in Warface. Here they are:


Those are all of the ranks in Warface, alongside their respective Emblems. If you'd like more info on the game, be sure to leave a comment below and we'll get working on it.

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