Wargroove's Free Double Trouble DLC Gets a Release Date, But PS4 Players Will Have to Wait

Wargroove's Free Double Trouble DLC Gets a Release Date, But PS4 Players Will Have to Wait

Double Trouble will drop first on PC, Switch, and Xbox One next month.

Today Chucklefish Games released a new trailer for Wargroove: Double Trouble, the upcoming free expansion to its turn-based strategy game that will add a new story campaign and features. For the Xbox One, Switch, and PC, Double Trouble finally has a release date—February 6—but just as PS4 players had to wait a little bit longer to get their groove on, they'll also be getting Double Trouble at a later date.

The new trailer introduces Double Trouble's new Outlaw faction and its star commanders: Wulfar, Vesper, and twins Errol and Orla (who fight as a single unit). Chucklefish is pitching Double Trouble as a heist story that sees the clan of Outlaws set out on the warpath in the wake of a kidnapping. The story content (which can be played in couch co-op, online co-op, or solo) will be accompanied by new units, missions, multiplayer features, and map elements such as the volcano biome featured in the trailer.

A new post on Wargroove's official blog promises that a PS4 release date for Double Trouble will "be revealed soon." Wargroove's PS4 release lagged behind other platforms by about five months, and it remains the only version of the game that does not currently support cross-play. Last February, Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice said that the developer could "literally (emphasis Brice) toggle a switch" to enable cross-play on PS4.

In December, Chucklefish's casting for the stars of the Double Trouble DLC was widely criticized, for having three white voice actors portray people of color. Chucklefish issued an apology and promised to push "for better representation of people of color in the industry," and the expansion's casting director responded with a detailed account of the casting process.

For more on Wargroove, check out Kat's review and USG's beginner's guide, which should help reshape your Advance Wars habits into to Wargroove-ready tactics.

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