Watch an Artist Paint All 802 Pokémon

Yep, all 802 of 'em! Plus a few hundred variations and one glitch.

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If you're any kind of a Pokémon fan, then you know the series has moved well beyond (to quote the PokéRap) "150 or more to see." As of Generation 7—Pokémon Sun, Moon, et al—there are 802 Pokémon to hunt down, capture, and record.

When Pokémon first came out, I had a poster displaying all the Gen One Pokémon on my bedroom wall. Maybe it's time I upgraded with this poster of all 802 Pokémon, as drawn by illustrator Christopher Cayco.

Yep, that's all 802 Pokémon right there—and then some. Cayco's poster also includes alternate forms of many traditional Pokémon, e.g. Busted Mimikyu, all the behatted Pikachu from Pokémon GO, all the Unown forms, and even the troublesome Missingno.

Guys, can you all scootch in just a bit closer?

What about Spinda, the perpetually drunk panda Pokémon whose pattern varies from trainer to trainer? Over on his DeviantArt page, Cayco reveals he took the li'l dude's unique coloration into consideration, too:

"Of course I couldn't draw all the billions of variations of Spinda into this drawing. So instead, I've created dozens of different versions of the poster where Spinda is different. So if have ordered a poster, there's a very very high chance you have a Spinda pattern on it that someone else doesn't."

Now you gotta catch all the posters.

If you've got an hour and a half to spare, you can watch Cayco's live drawing of the poster. Doing so lets you appreciate the detail Cayco put into his work, especially with how each Pokémon interacts with its neighbors. I like the Nidoran♂ and Nidoran♀ cuddling with one another. Aww.

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