Watch Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Play a Song With Nintendo Labo Instruments

"Your Fender Stratocaster is cute. Now let me show you a real guitar."

Ariana Grande performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. Singers and musicians are a staple of talk show entertainment, but Grande's appearance on Fallon was a bit extraordinary: She eschewed traditional accompanying instruments for a band made entirely of Nintendo Labo constructs.

Fallon and The Roots used Labo to strum and drum alongside Grande while she sang "No Tears Left to Cry." The Labo piano also received heavy use (pianist Kamal Gray had one for each hand). But the performance's Weird Factor didn't cap out at "cardboard organ." The Roots' Questlove and Black Thought made music with the Labo Robot Kit and Fishing Rod respectively.

Here's the full instrument list, taken from the YouTube video description of the performance:

  • Ariana Grande - Vocals
  • Jimmy Fallon - Guitar, Piano Studio
  • Questlove - Robot Kit
  • Black Thought - Electric Guitar Fishing Rod
  • Kamal Gray - Toy-Con Piano x2 (Organ)
  • James Poyser - Toy-Con Piano x2
  • Captain Kirk - Acoustic Guitar
  • Mark Kelley - Bass Guitar

The band gets some surprisingly good sound out of their hybrid cardboard / Switch instruments. It's a reminder that the Labo is robust and complex. The video of the Labo Band featuring Ariana Grande has gone viral, which might prove a big help for Labo's lukewarm sales numbers.

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