Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough

If you're working through Watch_Dogs' Campaign mode and need help, this full and comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to help Aiden succeed.

Both Jaz and Mike really enjoyed their time with Watch Dogs, and by now you're probably well into Ubisoft's latest open-world adventure, too.

It's a big ol' game, though, so it's possible you might need a bit of help making it through the game's story missions. Never fear, though, for USgamer is here to save the day with another of our great guides, put together in collaboration with the fine folks over at Prima Games. Over the next few days, we'll be adding each act to this guide to create a full and complete walkthrough.

WARNING: full spoilers ahead, obviously

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act One

Starting at the baseball game, we'll take you though profiling people, accessing back accounts and scouting for crimes. We'll also show you how to complete the Backstage Pass mission easily, and run the Backseat Driver mission avoiding the attention of the police.

Then it's Open Your World, Thanks For The Tip, and plenty of tips on how to clear buildings filled with guards. The last batch of missions are Not The Pizza Guy, A Wrench In The Works, tracking down Angelo Tucci, and Dressed in Peels, the prison mission.

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Two

Defeat both Fixer fights, and then snipe your way into the Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center. Then move onto Breakable Things, Racine's office, and Collateral, a huge firefight where you need to defend Claraand escape the motel.

Up next is One Foot in the Grave, finding and chasing down Tobias, A Blank Spot There-ish, and the location of all three generators. Then we move on to The Wards ctOS Control Center, the Jury-Rigged mission, Grandma's Bulldog, Rossi-Fremont, Damien's IP address, Not a Job for Tyron tracking Bedbug and helping Rabbit escape safely.

If you need help placing IEDs in the Sienna Brick Factory, we've got the info you need, plus details on Breadcrumbs, the Mad Mile ctOS Control Center, Stare into the Abyss, Crispin's phone, A Risky Bid, Role Model, Planting a Bug, and Way Off The Grid.

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Three

Act Three seems short, but its missions are complex. We show you how to break into Blume's ctoS Control Center without being seen, and how to complete Hope is a Sad Thing, Let's Play Make a Deal, A Pit of Paranoia, and how to find and kill the Blume security chiefs.

Then we move onto one of the most fun missions in the game - Unstoppable Force, where you have to destroy a convoy. Easy when you know how. The last bactch of missions are The Future is in Blume, For the Portfolio, By Any Means Necessary, and the final confrontation with Iraq.

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Four

There's a tough hacking game to beat at the start of this act, then the missions start getting tricky. In Plain Sight involves a van chase, and avoiding the police, The Rat's Lair, and keeping T-Bone aliveduring a massive firefight.

The next missions are a little more straightforward: Defalt Condition, Little Sister, Track down Nicky, lead her to safety, and Ghosts of the Past. Finally things heat up again with No Turning Back, where you track down Quinn, steal the video from his office, and need to escape.

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Five

The final act is where you confront Damien, and all hell breaks loose. This can be a tough mission, but we have some pointers to make it a lot easier.

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