Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Two

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Two

If you're working through Watch_Dogs' Campaign mode and need help, this full and comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to help Aiden succeed.


Bottom of the Eighth

Shoot Maurice

No messing around; as the mission starts, whip out your gun and point it at Maurice, then pull the trigger.

Understandably upset at this turn of events, Maurice will charge at you. Perform a takedown move to force him to the ground.

Leave the locker room when ready.

The "when ready" is relevant; before you leave, take a look around to find some items and have a bit of fun. Hack the soda machine behind you, pick up the meds from the shelf to the right and the chemical component from the floor. Head around the corner to the left to find a system key; hack it. Continue around to find a paper bag with $230. Not a bad start.

Now head out through the door.

Sneak past the police.

Pay close attention to the minimap to determine which direction the boys in blue are facing by looking at the arrows protruding from the markers. Run to the end of the hallway and take cover. When the cops aren't looking, take cover behind the pallet of boxes on the left, just ahead of the gate, and wait for the coast to be clear again.

Move forward to the large bundle of boxes; you'll notice there are cops on either side. Glance over to the left and hack the pitching machine to distract one of them; look around the corner to the right and highlight the Attract object to distract the other. Quickly zip up the ramp to the left while their attention is elsewhere, then climb over the dumpster and activate the Profiler at the objective marker to continue.

Hack the camera, follow the data flow line to its source, unlock the door.

Look up and left to see the camera in question, then hack it to gain control of it. Use it to look up and left to find another camera, then hack it. Continue to daisy-chain your way along the line of cameras; on the fourth and final camera, look down to see a hacking point. The name is a bit of a giveaway as to what you need to do with it, so do it.

Reach the upper level, throw lure to designated area, use the lure to distract the cop.

Return control to Aiden and head through the door you opened. Grab the electronic parts from the table, then open the weapon wheel and craft a lure. Throw it at the designated area and hack it to create a diversion.

Stay in cover and move stealthily to the next counter. While the cop is distracted and looking in the other direction, proceed up the escalator and through the door at the top. If you want some more cash, hack the camera and then, from your new vantage point, hack the phone of the person below.

Keep using the counter as cover and head around to the left, then go through the glass door while the guards are distracted. Continue to the end of the hall, then head to the right.

Find and hack the guard with the access code, hack into the stadium's network, create a blackout.

You should be able to see a camera through the glass door. Hack it and again daisy-chain your way to the next camera. Focus your attention on the man in the gray jacket; when he gets off his phone, hack it to obtain the access code.

Turn the camera left to find an access point, and hack it. This will let you shift down to a camera on the floor below. Look up and right from the new camera to find another hacking point which will allow you into the stadium's network.

Open the weapon wheel and choose the Blackout option. Activate the item to do exactly what you expect, then head towards the glass door.

Escape the stadium.

Wait for the guards to move away from the glass door, then proceed through. Take cover behind the counter on the left and work your way around as the guards look away. Head down the escalator in the far left corner of the room and run to the door ahead at the bottom; continue through the next set of doors and through the crowded bar to the next waypoint.

Leave the police search area, reach your hideout.

Head down the stairs, then follow the car locator waypoint down the street to reach a small garage. You'll find a red car inside; get into it, then access the map and look for your hideout -- the Owl Motel -- in the south-west corner. Mark it as a waypoint, as this will make navigation easier.

Take a look at the minimap and wait for the police cars -- marked as flashing red and blue diamonds -- to pass by. Once they're gone, follow the blue line on the ground to the waypoint you marked earlier.

As you drive, you'll probably notice a large white circle appear on the map, outlining a particular area. This is the police's search radius; in order to escape them completely, you'll need to get outside of this circle. One of the best ways to do this is to get on the freeway, but there's often a risk of police blockades. Should you spot one on the way to the freeway, pull in to a nearby alleyway and wait for it to clear. If you get spotted first, make a break for the freeway and try to lose your pursuers as quickly as possible.

Once you ditch the cops, head back towards your hideout, which is located on the second floor of the motel. If you end up on the roof, you've gone too far!

When you're safely inside, you can upgrade your skills. At this point in the game, it's a good idea to upgrade your Hacking skills and the Gates & Garages item.

They Can't Hide

Go to sleep.

The story won't advance until you sleep at this point, but before you do so take the opportunity to look around the hideout. You'll find some electronic parts on the table by the bed as well as a hackable system key next to the computer in the middle of the room. You can also use the laptop to access audio files.

When you're ready, move to the bed and go to sleep; set your wake-up time for the morning.

Exit your motel room, profile people for potential crimes near your hideout.

Head out of the hideout, then wander around outside the motel examining everyone you come across. Interact with them all, whether it's to hack their bank account or listen in on a conversation. To the right, around the corner and near the stairs, you'll find a person on their cellphone. Listen in to find out about the "potential" crime the objective is asking you to uncover.

Investigate the potential crime area, watch for criminal behavior.

Borrow one of the vehicles in the parking lot and head to the waypoint on the map. Head around the back of the building and take care to stay out of sight; the criminal will be highlighted with a yellow marker. Don't forget you can hack security cameras to your advantage if getting close in person is proving difficult; keep your eyes trained on the person of interest until the indicator turns red and you're instructed to do something.

Run up to the criminal and use a takedown to subdue him without killing him. You can still earn credit for killing criminals, but non-lethal takedowns are worth more points. After subduing him by fair means or foul, you'll receive a phone call, at which point the Big Brother waypoint will appear on your map. Head over there -- mark it with your GPS if you want assisted navigation -- and access the mission marker on foot when you arrive to begin the next mission.

Big Brother

Join the party in the backyard, head inside Nicky's home, listen in on Nicky's phone.

Hack the gate ahead of you to open it, then proceed to the house just ahead and to the left as indicated by the waypoint marker. Head around to the right of the house to reach the backyard and speak with Nicky. Head up the stairs and inside the house, then speak with Nicky again. Once she gets a phone call, hack it to listen in.

Take down the suspect, hack the caller's phone for answers.

Your next job is to take down the person who just called Nicky. Follow the waypoint marker, using your GPS if necessary, to discover the suspect. He'll jump into a car in an attempt to escape, so get into a nearby car and tail him as closely as possible. As you drive, you'll have the opportunity to hack lights and blockades to disable him. Once his car is taken down, he'll jump out and flee on foot, so pursue him. Again, aim for a non-lethal takedown if possible -- pursue him for long enough and he'll stop running, allowing you to do this. Once you've either shot him or taken him down, hack his phone to complete the mission.


Purchase the 416 assault rifle.

This is a simple one: follow the map or use your GPS to head to the objective marker. Enter the shop and purchase the appropriate gun. It costs $1,200, so make sure you have enough before you try to purchase it. If you don't, hang around outside and hack pedestrians' phones until you have the money.

Backstage Pass

Locate a guard with the access code, hack the guard with the access code, use access code to reach the servers, leave the area.

Leave the gun shop and head in the direction of the new mission. Head around the eastern side of the building at the objective marker. Hack the camera to your right and use the crane ahead of you to take down the guards ahead, then switch to the camera directly behind the crane to get a better overview of the guards. Hack the explosive device near one of the guards, then hop between security cameras and hidden cameras until you find the one with the access code -- he's easy to spot, since he's the only one you can hack. Do not, however, hack the explosives one of the guards is carrying -- those might come in handy later.

After acquiring the code, climb the pallets then hop over the fence. Head towards the container you dropped on the previous guards, then take cover behind the pallets just inside the building. Hack the cameras until you find the guard carrying the explosives; he should be on the lower level near the loading dock.

Move as close to the guard as you can, then access his hidden camera and look at the object behind him. Use the Attract option to create a distraction, then switch back to Aiden, run up behind the bewildered guard and use a non-lethal takedown without your gun equipped. Alternatively, you can hack the guard's explosives to draw the attention of the other guards, though this may make your escape more difficult later. Either way, make good use of the hack point just beyond.

You'll be presented with a minigame. In the first hotspot, rotate the uppermost hack point once, then unlock the point at the top and hit it a second time. For the second hotspot, turn the point in the middle three times, then move one point to the left and turn it twice. Next, move one point up and right one point, then turn that one three times. Unlock the last point to move on to the final hotspot.

For this last one, start with the point in the upper-right corner and turn it once. Move to the bottom-left and turn it twice. Now, quickly -- you're on a time limit now -- turn the point just above three times, then unlock the point at the top to finish the hack.

Access the new camera and point it straight ahead to find the last hack you need to do in this mission. Once you're done, leave the area the same way you came in, taking care to avoid the attention of the guard at the end of the hallway. Wait for him to move away, then head back the way you came, climb the fence and walk across the street to finish this job.

Hacking Contract

Find 2XTheTap, kill 2XTheTap before he evades, access the online contracts.

Upon reaching the next waypoint marker, you'll be interrupted by what looks like another player invading. Quickly jump into a car and track down the hacker. When you're nearby, carefully survey every individual nearby until you find them. As time passes, the search area will narrow, making it more straightforward for you to discover your assailant. Once you find him, kill him. You can use a normal takedown or shoot him; so long as he's incapacitated before he gets away it's all good.

After the deed is done, open the Online Contracts app and select Online Hacking from the map, then request a target. Complete the contract to finish this mission and proceed with the story.

Backseat Driver

Reach the West Island for the driving contract, reach the fugitive undetected.

Head to the mission waypoint on the map to start the next mission. Take a car and follow the next waypoint marker; the police will suddenly start taking notice as you approach. Take note of the new location of the person you're supposed to be picking up, and take an indirect route to avoid the yellow circles on the map. If one appears right on top of you, get out of it as quickly as possible. This will happen as you approach your destination; leave the marked area as quickly as possible, then loop back around when the circle disappears. It will appear again, but this time you'll have enough time to reach the garage and hack it.

Escape the lockdown area undetected.

Leave the garage and take a right. Turn left at the main street and follow the police car at a discreet distance. When it turns right, you should go left, then turn left again at the next intersection. You should find yourself behind a police blockade; make a quick right instead of heading towards it, and your path should be clear.

Deliver the fugitive and avoid all detection.

Use the GPS to mark a route to your destination; if you evaded the blockade then you should be able to simply follow it and not be detected. If not, take care to stay clear of police and reach the destination to finish the mission.

Open Your World

Meet with Badboy17, reach the ctOS Executive Offices, enter through the underground loading zone.

Follow the waypoint down the stairs for a cutscene, and continue to the next waypoint. Take care not to be spotted by the guard and move as close as possible to the red zone on your minimap. Trigger the car alarm on the van just ahead to distract the guard, then move in and use a takedown on him to keep him quiet.

Hack the camera just ahead and to the right. Look all the way to the right and take note of the location of the guard packing explosives. Don't hack them yet, though. Hack into the camera on the wall to the left of the guard, then look right to see another camera over on the far right. Hack into that camera and finally look left to find the hacking spot required to unlock the door.

Having unlocked the door, sneak around the left of the van and find some cover behind the second van. Access the camera where you saw the explosive-packing guard before and hack his explosives to attract the attention of the remaining three guards. As soon as they're out of the way, run past them and through the door to reach the waypoint.

Locate a guard with the access code.

Hack the camera just beyond the soda machine, then move it left and zoom in on the guard. If you can't see him clearly, wait for him to move into shot and hack him to obtain the access code. If you just can't get a good angle on him, switch to the next camera for a clearer shot.

Hack the access point to breach the unsecured laptop.

Hack the first camera again and take note of the explosive plates on the floor. Wait for the guard's patrol route to take him near to the closest explosive plate, then blow him up using his own explosives. When a second guard comes to investigate the noise, use the explosive plate to blow him up.

Take cover behind the soda machine and wait for the next guard to pass nearby. Use a takedown to get rid of him, then hack into the soda machine to get the fourth guard's attention, then take him down, too.

There are now only three guards left: one on the bottom floor and two on the top. The one at the bottom is by the stairs -- which, inconveniently, is where you need to go.

Sneak around the outer edge of the room until you're near the corner where the stairs are. Pay close attention to the guards on the level above and take care not to get spotted. When you're close to the guard on the lower level, access the camera on the wall and distract him, when switch back to Aiden and take him down.

Head up the stairs and wait for the guard to go inside the room. Sneak around to the guard on the far side and take him down, then creep up behind the last remaining guard to take him down and leave a clear run to your objective. Hack your target to begin the minigame again.

For the first hotspot, turn the point on the left twice, then the point on the far right twice. Next, unlock the middle point and turn it three times, then turn the left point once more and the right point one more time. Finally, unlock the point at the very top to move on to the next hotspot.

This time, turn the left point twice, then the point just above it once, then the point to the right three times. Finally, turn the final point to the right once and click on the final point to complete the hack.

Hack the laptop to upload a virus and give Clara access, escape the plaza, escape the police scan undetected.

You'll be given control of a camera. Hack the laptop directly ahead of you, then prepare to escape the building. You have two options here: sneak around the upper floor, avoiding the police, or run out of the room, down the hall to the right and through the door. The latter option is more dangerous but quicker. Either way, once you're outside, hop into a vehicle and escape the police to complete the mission.

Thanks For the Tip

Reach the mystery caller's signal source, pinpoint the signal's location, find and activate the ctOS boxes.

After beginning the next mission, walk straight ahead through the alley and into the area ahead. Lower the lift to the right, climb onto it, raise it again and climb up to the platform to find some electronic parts, then head back down to continue.

Head up the stairs across the area to reach the waypoint and open the Profiler to pinpoint the signal's location. Access the camera to the far right and move it up and right to find an unlock option for the far balcony.

Proceed back down the stairs and into the alley ahead and to the right of you. Lower the lift on the left, pick up the chemical component next to it and look straight up to see a camera. Hack it, then move it up to find another unlock point. Hack it to complete the next objective.

Access the building network to reach the signal source.

Head back up the stairs and hack the box at the end for another minigame. Joy.

Turn the lower-left point three times, then the point above it twice. Turn the point in the lower-right corner twice, then unlock the point above and turn it three times. Then turn the point in the lower-left corner twice to unlock the final point. Click it to move to the next hotspot.

On the next one, turn the point on the far left three times, then the point at the top in the middle twice. Turn the point at the bottom-middle once, then unlock the point just above it and turn it once. Go back to the point on the far left and turn it once more, then turn the point at the top twice, then the point at the bottom three more times. Unlock the point on the far right to complete the hack.

Investigate the apartment, hack the phone, kill all Fixers or escape, follow the traced call to Damien.

After the hack, you'll have control of a camera in an apartment. Hack the camera to the right, then the phone straight ahead. This will draw a certain amount of unwanted attention to you, so escape the area, stay under cover and out of sight until the search concludes, or simply kill everyone who's after you.

By making use of the cameras, you can access the explosive plates on the ground and in the walls. Raise the protector next to your current location to give yourself a bit more cover, then take down any enemies heading in your direction. Switch cameras as necessary to set of the explosive plates and blow up any enemies holding explosives and you should be able to hold out until the search is over.

The alternative, more risky approach is to use the explosive areas to clear a path then simply bolt back into the alley. This is quicker but more dangerous.

Either way, once you're safely out, obtain a vehicle and head to the next waypoint on the map to complete the mission.

Not the Pizza Guy

Climb to meet Jordi on the patio deck.

After the cutscene, head to the next location to actually begin the mission. Move forward and climb up the planter, then scale the building to reach the patio.

Infiltrate the railyard, interrogate the Fixer boss.

Head back to the street and across the bridge, then move over to the locked gate to infiltrate the railyard. Look through the gate to access a camera and make creative use of a crane to take down two guards. Switch to the next camera on the right and use it to hop to yet another camera on the building across the way. Take note of the guard here; you'll need to be aware of his location. Turn the camera left and look down to find a hack point that lets you unlock the door to your destination.

Head down the stairs and wait for the guard you saw earlier to move to the far side, away from you. Sneak over to the lift on the left side of the building, climb into it and raise it to the second floor. Climb over the railing and head down to the far side, wait for the guard to look in the opposite direction, then move in and take him down.

In the yard below, you'll spot a guard patrolling. Hack the exploding panel in the ground when he gets near to it to take him out and attract the attention of the other guards. While they're busy, drop down on the other side of the building, near the lift, and head to your destination. Head through the door for a cutscene.

Kill all the Fixers or escape.

After the cutscene, head through the door to discover a bunch of heavily-armed Fixers waiting for you. Take cover behind the forklift quickly and wait for the enemies to draw near. As soon as you start getting hit, run as fast as you can back to the stairs you went down when you entered the yard. Quickly commandeer a vehicle and drive away to escape the Fixers and complete the mission.

A Wrench in the Works

Use the Profiler to find Angelo Tucci's niece, hack the niece's phone, hack the niece's phone again.

At the mission start point, walk towards the large glass building in the area. You'll gradually get more information as you approach, until you eventually discover she's inside the building. Head inside and hack her phone twice to find the location of your next target.

Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison, eliminate Angelo Tucci before he escapes, kill Angelo's allies or escape.

Intercept Angelo's car -- set a GPS waypoint if you're having trouble tracking him down -- and disable it as quickly as you can. If your skills are at an appropriate level, you can use the environment to help take him down; otherwise get as close as you can to disable his vehicle. Kill him as quickly as you can, since his allies will show up and try to kill you. The easiest approach here is to run, but if you have the firepower, it is possible to take them down. Either way, once you reach safety, the mission is complete.

Dressed in Peels

Escape your cell.

Look through the window in your cell door and hack the guard's camera just ahead. Follow the waypoint marker and hop from guard to guard until you reach the control room camera. From here, hack into the system to escape your cell.

Locate the survivor.

Try and stay out of sight rather than attempting to take down guards as you proceed around the prison. Note that once guards spot you, you have a moment to duck behind cover and get out of sight before the guard is fully alerted to your presence. Take advantage of this to stay undetected.

Head left out of your cell and proceed towards the stairs on the right. Head down the stairs and into the office. Pick up the item from the desk to complete this objective.

Access the network to view the exercise yard.

Taking care to avoid the attention of guards, head out of the office and straight ahead to the right of the stairs. Proceed around the outer wall and unlock the room ahead. When you reach the destination room, take cover behind the pillar and hack into the guards' cameras until you find the guard walking down the hall. He'll enter a room to the right where you can hack into the main system. And yes, there's another minigame to contend with.

Turn the point in the lower-left corner once, then the point in the lower-right corner three times. Move to the upper-left corner and turn the point once, then turn the point in the upper-right corner three times. The timed point in the middle on the left should then be turned twice to unlock the middle point to the right, then turn it once after unlocking it. Finally, return to the timed point for one more turn, then unlock the point on the far right before the time expires.

Find the stadium survivor Raul Lionzo, get to the survivor in the basement.

Turn the camera to the left and hack the next camera to spot Lionzo sitting next to a wall. Take control of the guard's camera inside the room ahead, wait for him to walk to the far side of the room, then take control of the guard's camera in the server room to the left. Hack the device on the left to unlock the main door. You now need to head for the elevator: you can either take out the guard in the room when he turns his back and sneak past the guard in the next room, or simply stay under cover and run for the elevator when neither are looking. If you time it right, they won't be able to do anything even if they spot you.

Once you're safely in the elevator, hack it and head down into the basement. Exit and move into the room. Pick up the gun and hack the panel to access the camera in the room ahead. Access the next camera on the far left wall, then turn it right to find another hack point.

Leave and head into the next room on the right. Grab the Focus Boost item from the desk and continue into the hallway. On the right is a double door that leads into a room with a lot of guards that will spot you as soon as you show your face.

Take out the corrupt guards.

Take cover behind a laundry bin, then wait for each guard to approach and take them down with the gun you picked up before. Once all of them are down, an armored guard will appear. Wait for him to approach, then run into the room to the right and all the way to the end.

Turn around and face the door and prepare to hack the explosive panel on the right. Do so just as the armored guard enters the room, then deal with two more guards who come running afterwards.

Confront the survivor, exit the prison, escape the police.

Head into the room in the far corner, pick up the electrical parts by the entrance and hack the door to open it. When the cutscene concludes, head down the stairs, through the door and to the left to find a care package.

Move down to the end of the hall and into the room on the right. Grab the Jam COMS from the table and the audio log next to it. Look through the window to unlock the door. Head out into the parking garage and very quickly run for the car to the right. Hop in and get out of the parking garage as quickly as you can via the ramps. Once you're out on the street, evade the police until you're out of their search radius -- there's a helicopter to contend with this time -- and the mission will be complete.

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