Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Three

Watch Dogs Guide and Complete Walkthrough - Act Three

If you're working through Watch_Dogs' Campaign mode and need help, this full and comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to help Aiden succeed.


Pawnee ctOS Control Center

Locate a guard with the access code.

Use a boat to get to the east side of the control center. Look for a guard patrolling the north-east building; he has a hidden camera, so access it, then access the camera across the area to the left. You'll need to disengage from driving the boat in order to do this.

Scan the guards until you find the one with the access code. The one you're after has a wide patrol route, so he could be anywhere in the area. Hack him once you find him to obtain the access code.

Hack the ctOS server, leave the area.

Take your boat to the north to find a fallen tree near the server location. Move your boat beneath the tree and park as close to the rocks as you can. From here, you can hop off the boat onto the rocks, then walk up the cliff to the fenced area where the server is.

A single guard -- the one with the hidden camera from earlier -- patrols near the fenced area. Wait for him to turn around before you move around and through the doorway on the far side. Hack the Interlude to begin another minigame.

Turn the timed point twice, then unlock the lower-right corner and turn it once. Move to the top-right point and turn it once, then the middle point once, then turn the timed point three more times to unlock the final point in the lower-right corner. This will give you access to a camera; move it up and switch to the one in the middle of the room, which will give you access to the hacking point. Depart the area via the same way you came in to finish the job.

Hope is a Sad Thing

Hack the marina computer to find Kenney, use the Profiler to find the reset code.

Starting the mission sends you to a nearby hacking point. As soon as you initiate the hack, though, you're stopped and will need to find the reset code. Walk around with your phone out, examining everyone you can. There are two marina employees milling around nearby, but only one of them has the code you need.

Enter the new password in the marina computer, infiltrate the ctOS tower.

Find and hack the employee -- they're usually down by the pier, but they do move around, so explore the area if you don't find your target -- then head back to the computer and hack it again. At the next waypoint, look above the locked door to find a camera. Hack the camera to find the unlock point, then hack it to open the door.

Activate the station to access data.

Head down the stairs in the middle of the area, then hang a right and access the camera through the door. Access the Interlude, then move the camera to the right to find a hacking point that unlocks the door. HEad back up to the surface and over to the large antenna on the north-west side of the complex.

Climb up the stairs and look towards the antenna in the center. Hack it to move the walkway over to you. Step onto the walkway, then hack the antenna again to move it around with you on it. Step off and hack the antenna one more time to move it back.

Access the camera to your right. Move it up and over to the right to access the right-most camera of the two in close proximity. You'll see a hacking point straight ahead; hack it to unlock the gate to that section, then head down the stairs and through the gate you just opened.

Climb the ladder, then access the antenna in the middle again. Head up the stairs to your right and step onto the walkway, then hack the central antenna yet again. Cross the walkway, then hack the center antenna once more.

Look down to find a lift, then hack it to raise it, board it and lower it again. Step out and head down the stairs and through the gate. To the right is an audio log and a laptop. Grab the electronic parts near the laptop, then hack it.

Head back to the other end of the hall and peek through the gate to see an explosive panel. Set it off and you'll cause a chain reaction through the hallway; quickly head up the stairs on your left to avoid the mayhem.

Head through the newly opened gate and access the unlock point on your left. Continue past the unlock panel and up the hill to the gate at the end. You'll find yourself back at ground level in the main yard.

Head back down the concrete stairs in the middle and pass through the gate at the bottom of the stairs, which is now open. Head through the gate and access the control point to complete the objective.

Look for Ray Kenney at Jed's bar.

Leave the control center and head over to Jed's bar, which will be marked on your map. You'll find the entrance on the south-east side. When you get in there, you'll be forced into a drinking minigame that involves moving a circle across button icons while pressing the appropriate button as the circle passes over it. Your dulled reflexes are reflected by the erratic movement of the circle, and in the fourth and final game you'll be presented with two question mark icons instead of button icons. Hover the circle over the question mark to reveal it and press the appropriate button; when you do so, a column of button icons will appear to the right or left of the icon. Hit the whole column of icons before moving on to the other question mark; if you don't, you may find yourself short on time. Beat the minigame to finish the mission.

Let's Play Make a Deal

Follow T-Bone, activate T-Bone's trap, follow T-Bone again, steal back T-Bone's truck.

As the objective indicates, follow T-Bone and hack his trap when prompted. Then follow him again and grab the weapon nearby when he stops. Just outside the compound, you'll find a motorbike which you can use to ride back into town and towards the next waypoint.

Upon arriving at your destination, head around the eastern side of the building to find a ladder. Climb it, taking care to avoid the attention of the guard on the roof. Wait until he's on the far side, then take him down. From your vantage point, you can use the cameras to scout out the locations of the enemies.

You need to get into the truck in the middle of the yard. You can do this one of three ways: wait for the guards nearby to all be looking away, then drop down, make a break for the truck and run over the guard blocking the entrance; use the environmental hacks and your weaponry to take down all the enemies; or climb down the ladder and deal with the enemies stealthily one at a time.

Drop off the truck, kill all militia members or escape.

GPS your way to the waypoint, neutralizing the enemies along the way if your hacking skills are up to scratch. If not, don't worry too much; there are plenty of traps ready for them at your destination.

Hop out of the truck at the waypoint and grab either the nearby motorbike or any passing car. If there's no-one pursuing you, getting away is easy; if not, you can either use your normal tactics to evade pursuit, or make a stand and take them all down in a gunfight. Either way, once you lose your pursuers, the mission is complete.

A Pit of Paranoia

Tail the helicopter, hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs, stay undetected.

Make sure you have a vehicle ready before you start the mission, because shortly after it begins you'll need to tail a helicopter. When it reaches its destination, do not enter the compound. Instead, stay outside the restricted area until you have a clear bead on the chopper. Hack it and access its camera, then look around to find two security chiefs. You'll usually find one on the left while the other is in the back. The chopper moves around a bit, so you should be able to find them easily.

Take down both Blume security chiefs.

Head to the north-east side of the compound and you should be able to gain access near one of the targets. Take him down, then hack his phone. Proceed around the compound to the other target and do the same; alternatively, leave the restricted area and enter from the north-west side, using the fence as cover and the soda machine to distract the guard.

It is possible to go in guns blazing, but the combination of the helicopter and heavy armored guards only make this advisable for those with plenty of heavy weaponry. You may also find yourself having to chase down the two targets if you make too much of a ruckus.

Kill all militia members or escape.

From here, either kill everyone in the area -- including the helicopter -- or simply make a break for it.

Unstoppable Force

Take out the convoy before it reaches Blume.

Stock up on supplies -- particularly explosives -- before this mission. Once you're underway, head for an intersection along the convoy's route and set up IEDs. Use your vehicle as cover, and detonate it when the primary target gets close. When the driver gets out, toss another explosive to finish him off and then either take out the heavily armed guards or make a run for it to finish the job. That was easy!

The Future is in Blume

Reach Blume, infiltrate Blume unseen.

As the mission begins, you'll be directed to Blume. Move to the right at the main entrance until you find a barred opening in the wall. Look through and access the camera on the next building, then move it up to access the laptop camera in the security room ahead.

Move the security room camera up and to the left to access another camera in the corner of the room. From here, unlock the two panels -- one straight ahead and one partially hidden on the right wall -- to open the gate and the door into the security room.

Switch back to Aiden and head through the gate. Take cover by the door to the security room and watch the guard near your target. As soon as he turns away from the security room, head inside and take down the guard. You may also be able to use your hacking skills to distract the guard or use the objects in and around the room.

Once the guard is down you'll need to clear the three additional guards surrounding your target. One is patrolling in a square route around the center of the area, another is standing close to the target and the last is off to the far side. Take out this last one first by waiting for the patrolling guard to move to the opposite side, then sneaking up behind the far side guard. Once you've done this, hack the nearby panel to unlock the other gate for an easy escape route in case you need it. Meanwhile, the patrolling guard will probably spot the body you just took down; take him down when he comes to investigate. This leaves just one guard to sneak up on and take down before you access the target panel.

Profile the ctOS box, find and activate the ctOS boxes.

The ctOS is in a nearby room -- follow the white lines. Head out of the room and to the north-east. Access the camera nearby to spot the four guards lurking in the area; you can take out the closest one without being spotted as the other guards' line of sight is blocked by pallets.

Watch the minimap to see when the guard around the corner is walking away from the guard closest to you. When he moves away, use the Attract hack on the phone in the room you're aiming for in order to get the guard's attention. Take him down while his back is turned, then move into the room and hack the box.

Head to the opposite side of the compound to the two guards by the solar panels. Wait at the top of the stairs and use the cameras to turn the solar panel closest to you and provide cover. Don't move in just yet, though; access the camera above the room next to the stationary guard and use the Attract hack in the room you can see once the patrolling guard moves away.

Take down the patrolling guard when he's facing away. If he's facing your direction, turn the solar panel to attract his attention, then deal with him. Either way, the other guard will come to investigate the body, at which point you can dispatch him easily, too. Head into the room, grab the electronic parts and activate the box.

Break into Blume's network unseen.

Head back to the main ctOS box for yet another hacking minigame.

Start in the upper-left corner and turn the point twice, then move down one point, unlock it, then turn it once. Move back up one point and turn it one more time. Move across to the point on the far right (the upper-most point on the right) and turn in three times, then move down to unlock the point directly below it. Head back to the upper-left point and turn it once more, then unlock the point in the middle. Move to the right one point and turn it twice, then move all the way across to the far left (the lower point) and turn it twice more. Now move up one point and turn it three more times to unlock the point at the very bottom.

For the second hotspot, start with the point on the far left and turn it three times. Move to the bottom-left corner, unlock it then turn it once, then move back up to the first point and turn it three more times. Move right once, unlock this point, then turn it three times. Move to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once, then move down one spot, unlock it, then turn it three times, then go back to the timed point for one last turn. Move up one point, unlock it, then turn it three times. Move left one point and turn it twice to unlock the final point on the far right and gain access to the camera.

Install T-Bone's spyware, locate Damien's meeting, exit Blume.

Move the camera up and access the hacking point to install the spyware. When the guard walks around the corner, access his camera and wait for him to move through the next door. When he does so, move the camera up and to the left and hop to the camera in the next room to listen in on a conversation.

Now it's time to escape from Blume. Take cover to avoid the patrolling guards, then once they're in place, move out through the main gate without being spotted. From there, head around the outskirts of the facility to the south-west corner and reach the waypoint to finish the mission.

For the Portfolio

Hurry to T-Bone's junkyard, eliminate the militia, regroup with T-Bone.

There's a motorbike waiting at the waypoint that begins the mission. Use it to reach the next waypoint. When you arrive, take cover and use the cameras to eliminate most of the militia with environmental hazards. Move in to mop up any survivors, then head to the new waypoint to meet T-Bone.

Follow and defend T-Bone, defend T-Bone, eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape, follow T-Bone to the boat, escape Pawnee with T-Bone.

Follow T-Bone and take cover when the militia shows up. Take them down quickly before T-Bone starts getting too reckless, then follow him to the center of the junkyard. Prepare as many explosives as possible for the next section and raise the protectors surrounding the middle area. Use any remaining traps to help thin the militia's numbers, and use Jam Coms to block their ability to call for reinforcements.

When you take down all the militia, follow T-Bone, defeating any militia you run into along the way. When you reach the boat, hop in and take it out to open waters to complete the mission.

By Any Means Necessary

Enter Rossi-Fremont

Start the mission, then move around and enter the restricted area from the south-east side to minimize the resistance you'll run into. Hug the eastern building's wall and avoid contact with the guards. When you reach the waypoint at the door, you'll give T-Bone a call, then pull out a Blackout device and set it off. Once the door pops open, head inside.

Reach Iraq's server room.

There are two guards upstairs in the room you're about to enter. Go in guns blazing and take down the two guards as quickly as you can, then take cover on the left ready for the guards that will shortly pop out of the elevator.

Once they're all down, head into the elevator and upstairs. Two more guards will attack you shortly after the elevator opens, so dispatch them appropriately. Access the camera on the wall to the right and unlock the panel directly in front of you. Head up the fallen concrete to the floor above, then take cover and deal with the two more guards that show up.

Head around the corner and to the waypoint, then access the unlock panel. Head through the door and prepare for a big fight, including a heavily armed enforcer. Head up the ladder in the next room when you're done and take out the next group of enemies, then proceed up the ladders, dealing with additional groups as they show up. Follow the waypoints, defeating enemies along the way, to complete the objective.

Download all server data, leave the Rossi-Fremont, follow Iraq, take down Iraq, eliminate Iraq's personal guards, leave Rossi-Fremont again.

Hit the unlock panel and continue through the next door, then begin the hack when you reach the final room. Once the download is complete, head for the waypoint to watch a cutscene, then follow Iraq up to the roof.

While Iraq is talking, pick up the ammo and crafting supplies scattered around the rooftop. Take cover and watch for approaching enemies, then deal with them as they show up. After the first wave, you'll have to defeat Iraq, too.

A heavily armored guard will show up as part of the battle, so use heavy weapons and explosives to take him out. Stay well away from him -- easy enough, since he's quite slow -- and you should be able to defeat him without too much damage, but keep an eye out for Iraq. If Iraq starts becoming a problem, deal with him first, since he doesn't have much armor, then defeat the armored guard to complete the mission.

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