Watch Dogs Follows the Proud Ubisoft Tradition of Too Many Special Editions

Watch Dogs Follows the Proud Ubisoft Tradition of Too Many Special Editions

"You'd like a copy of Watch Dogs? Of course. Will that be Standard, Special, Vigilante, Limited, Dedsec or...?"

Lending further credence to the unofficial theory that Watch Dogs is an Assassin's Creed game in all but name, Ubisoft has announced the myriad special editions that will be available for the upcoming open-world adventure.

Later installments of the Assassin's Creed series were notorious for having entire sections of Wikipedia devoted to their various special editions, and it appears as if Watch Dogs is no exception. And, like its predecessor, there isn't a single one of the editions that comes with all of the available content and physical goodies.

Even the Standard edition differs between platforms: the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions come with the "White Hat Pack" downloadable content included, while others do not. The Special Edition, meanwhile, includes the White Hat Pack on PlayStation platforms, but the Breakthrough Pack on all platforms. The Vigilante Edition, which is exclusive to Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Australia comes with the White Hat Pack on PlayStation, no sign of the Breakthrough Pack and yet another piece of DLC called the Palace Pack. It also has "exclusive packaging," a copy of the soundtrack and two items of clothing: the somewhat presumptuously named "Aiden Pearce's iconic cap" and its companion "Vigilante Mask," just in case you wanted to get banned from all your neighborhood's convenience stores any time soon.

"I said I wanted the Limited Edition, not the Special Edition!"

The Uplay Exclusive edition, meanwhile, comes in a steelbook case and includes the White Hat Pack (only on PlayStation), the Breakthrough Pack, the Palace Pack, the Signature Shot Pack, the Untouchables Pack, the Cyberpunk Pack, the Blume Agent Pack and the Dedsec Pack. This, coincidentally, makes up the vast majority of the content included in the Season pass, which also includes "T-Bone's Single Player Campaign DLC" and the "Conspiracy Mode Digital Trip DLC" on top of all of the above.

Contrast with the North American Limited Edition, which comes with none of the DLC (except the White Hat Pack on PlayStation), steelbook packaging, an artbook, a 9-inch Aiden Pearce figure, the soundtrack and Aiden's vigilante mask. Not his "iconic" cap, though; that's exclusive to Europe, it seems, because of course it is.

The Dedsec Edition, which is again exclusive to Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Australia, comes with the White Hat Pack on PlayStation, the Breakthrough, Palace and Signature Shot packs plus a map of Chicago, the soundtrack, the 9-inch Aiden Pearce figure, an artbook, four augmented reality cards and three badges.

Keeping up? Onto digital editions: the Digital Deluxe Edition, which is only available on PC and PlayStation platforms, comes with the White Hat, Breakthrough, Palace, Signature Shot, Untouchables and Cyberpunk Packs on both platforms, while PlayStation is graced with a bonus Blume Agent Pack as well. The Uplay Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, is exclusive to PC and comes with all of the same content as the PlayStation version of the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus the Dedsec Pack too.

Then there's the Gold version, available from the PlayStation Store, which bundles the digital version of the game with all the Season Pass content, and finally the Season Pass itself, which includes all the digital content except for the White Hat Pack.

Whew. Got all that? No? I don't blame you; it's ridiculous and beyond parody at this point. Here's a handy chart to help with your purchasing decisions.

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