Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Will Adapt to Your Behavior

Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Will Adapt to Your Behavior

Worried about being constantly invaded by hacker jerks? The game is always watching.

Ubisoft has explained a little more about how Watch Dogs' multiplayer mode -- in which rival players can enter your game and "hack" you -- will work, particularly for those who are concerned about the mechanics being distracting.

Here's nine minutes of video showing how it works.

Speaking with OXM, the game's lead gameplay designer Danny Belanger explained that the multiplayer component had been designed so that it wouldn't disrupt your gameplay experience -- particularly if you're in the middle of a mission, or a "narrative experience" as Belanger calls it. In other words, you'll only be invaded in free-roam mode, meaning that when you're doing something specific, you can focus your attention on that.

Not only that, though, but the game will adapt its experience according to how you play. The less you participate in multiplayer, the longer a "shield" protecting you from invasion will last. Conversely, the more you participate in multiplayer, the more skills you will unlock through a rising "notoriety" level.

"If you're not hacking people and you're not into that gameplay, the game will recognize and acknowledge that you're not into that," explained Belanger. "That's fine. The shield will slowly become many hours because we're trying to adapt. There are so many different players and we're trying to adapt to all of them and make an experience that works for them."

Jaz had the chance to check out Watch Dogs recently and came away quite impressed. Read his preview here.

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