Watch: See Star Wars Battlefront 2's Excellent Kamino Maps in Action

Watch: See Star Wars Battlefront 2's Excellent Kamino Maps in Action

Check out Kamino's Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault maps. Special guest star: Yoda.

So I mentioned that Star Wars Battlefront 2's loot boxes bother me. I also mentioned that I really enjoy the multiplayer so far. Both of these things are true.

To demonstrate, I captured some footage from one of my favorite maps—rainy Kamino, which first appeared in Attack of the Clones.

First, there's the Starfighter Assault map, which sees you skimming the waves as you dogfight amid Kamino's cloning facilities. It's one of the Starfighter Assault's most memorable maps, with lightning that crackles through the air as dozens of starfighters battle above the rain soaked platform.

Then there's the Galactic Assault map, which has you battle through the cloning facility and up to the landing pad—the same place where Obi-Wan battled Jango Fett in the movie (one of the only good parts of Attack of the Clones). It's a solid mix of close-quarters and long-range action; and while vehicles don't figure in that heavily, there are still opportunities to hop into a fighter and take to the skies.

Oh, and Yoda shows up. And hey, the Jedi are pretty cool in this game.

In any case, I'm a fan of the way that the Kamino maps open things up, moving away from the corridor design that seems to dominate a lot of the other maps. Watch the videos and find out why.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be out November 17. Check out guide to everything we know for more information.

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