Watch One Player Beat Two Different Dark Souls Bosses at the Same Time on One Controller

Watch One Player Beat Two Different Dark Souls Bosses at the Same Time on One Controller

Dark Souls stunts are still absolutely twisted.

Dark Souls stunt runs are kind of de rigeur among the online streaming crowds. So far we've seen players beat Dark Souls using weird controllers, backwards, or even as a group. So it's a little hard to surprise me anymore when someone tries to beat any of the Souls game with some weird trick. At least that's what I thought until I saw one player beat two different Dark Souls bosses, from two different Dark Souls games, at the same time, using one controller.

User "iHardlyTriHard Gaming" (appropriate internet handle) uploaded a video on YouTube earlier this week showcasing their extreme Dark Souls virtuosity. The video shows a simultaneous boss fight encounter with the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls 1 and Ludex Gundyr from Dark Souls 3, the first bosses of each game. Playing on just one controller, iHardlyTriHard manages to take out both bosses at roughly the same time, navigating between dodging two different boss movesets, and incorporating different strategies for each battle.

There were times when the need to attack one boss left the other character trapped in a corner for the other fight, and it was then that I felt the most stress watching this video. I was happy to proven wrong, but this kind of Dark Souls experience might be too real for me.

Apparently based on the video's comments section, iHardlyTriHard is planning an Ornstein and Smough and Champion Gundyr run using the simultaneous boss fight setup. I'll probably watch that video through covered eyes.

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