Watch Smash Bros Fans Go Crazy at the Nintendo World Store After Switch Announcement

If you somehow managed to bottle up Smash hype, you'd get the world's best energy drink.

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation concluded with news about Super Smash Bros coming to the Nintendo Switch. Fan reaction to the news on Twitter was "HYPE!" to say the least.

But that excitement doesn't touch the eruption that occurred at the same time over at the Nintendo Store in New York City. Here's footage recorded by Empire Arcadia. Fans start losing their minds when it becomes apparent the footage of the dueling Inklings isn't a typical Splatoon announcement. From there … it builds.

Whew. I'm from Toronto, a city with a lot of sports teams that don't win important games very often, and even our rare accolades don't draw out this kind of energy. Since Smash is due out for the Nintendo Switch sometime this year (another factoid that causes the NYC crowd to throw itself up on the walls and ceiling), there's a good chance we'll be finding out more at E3. Steel yourself for more of this kind of energy.

Bonus round: Here's Twitch chat's reaction to the Super Smash Bros reveal, courtesy of Victinius' YouTube channel. You will believe … that people can type "SMAAAAAASH" a whole lot.

We don't have a whole lot to go on at the moment with regard to Super Smash Bros on Switch, but we've rounded up everything there is to know in our guide to Super Smash Bros Switch. Head over there for info on all the characters seen in the reveal trailer, plus news on the game's release date.

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