Welcome to Video Games' Next Top E3 Presenter: The Best-Dressed of E3 2017

Welcome to Video Games' Next Top E3 Presenter: The Best-Dressed of E3 2017

Who was the best dressed during E3 2017's many press conferences? Caty's on the case.

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E3 isn't a style contest. If anything, it's the complete opposite. E3 is often a song and dance of blazers, jeans, and graphic tees. Always a wave of the same get-up, as game developers, producers, and more trot their way across their respective press conference's stage.

It's so rare for folks to take a chance. But on occasion, like a certain Yoko Taro fixture fluttering into my peripheral, people take risks and have fun with their outfits. They break out of the routine blazer-tee-jean combo, and in turn, I breath a sigh of relief. A taste in fashion isn't dead in the world of games. (Even if, mostly, it is. Yet I guess not everyone cares about style though.)

This year's E3 has seen six "conferences" overall: EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Seven, if you count the PC Gaming Show. These six or seven shows, some larger than others obviously, all had their fair share of bland fits and luckily, surprises too.

EA Play

Winner: Janina Gavankar's dazzling Imperial-inspired dress.

EA Play's E3 press conference was a bit weird. And it was mostly—as expected per big gaming conferences—nearly all white dudes. Then Janina Gavankar, actress and star of the single-player campaign in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2, graced the stage, and elevated the conference with her enthusiasm and dazzling dress. Her dress, designed by Elhoffer Design, has a fit and flare cut. It's a sleek black, with the only colors the pops of red on its stand-up collar and teensy belt. The dress screams Imperial Commander. Which is fitting, given Gavankar's role in the upcoming game. The dress was such a hit, that you can even pre-order it here.

Runner-up: Jesse Wellens, an "influencer" person I have never heard of until this week. He did not wear a blazer, but a nice slightly-oversized denim jacket.


Winner: Phil Spencer's relaxed garb, with a backstory.

This wasn't as eye-catching as Gavankar's dress, but there's a story behind Phil Spencer's relaxed look according to Chris Plante from The Verge. Initially, Spencer planned to promote all of the indie titles that would soon be on display on Microsoft's big stage. But upon rehearsals, they realized that he would be on stage—quote unquote—"too much." So they made some last minute changes, and Spencer realized he couldn't pick just one or two of the indie-focused graphic tees he brought along for the ride. It would be like choosing favorites, like a mother choosing a favorite child out of her three kids. This lead to Spencer's simplistic "Player 1" tee, which at first elicits a slight groan, but upon knowing its back story, a laugh.

Runner-up: Lydia Winters of Mojang wore a slick all-black combo of a bomber jacket, button-up, and jeans, singlehandedly upstaging all the blazer-clad dudes in sight.


Winner: I guess this duo from Wolfenstein.

Bethesda didn't have much in the name on-screen presenters for their trailers, but a duo in the Wolfenstein: The New Colossus trailer was noteworthy. They're part of the "Resistance" in the 1970s-set sequel, featuring a woman with sass and style and a dude with a cybernetic arm. So I guess that alone wins this category, even if they're just virtual. Some real people woulda been nicer though.

Runner-up: All those Bethesda employees' kids. Adorable, even if it's a trap to make players care about a mega-corporation.


Winner: Shigeru Miyamoto's surprise appearance with a gun.

We didn't expect Shigeru Miyamoto to show up, even if we were aware that the long-leaked Rabbids and Mario crossover would be on display at Ubisoft's E3 showing. But Miyamoto arrived on the scene anyways. And Miyamoto conquered the conference, with his enthusiastic Megaman-like arm gun aiming. He even made the new game's creative lead openly teary-eyed in a sweet call out. Miyamoto was wearing one of the new Mario shirts from the Uniqlo x Nintendo graphic tee line, even if he was adopting the classic blazer and t-shirt combo. You can even pick up a shirt (whether Miyamoto's own or another) here.

Runner-up: Ubisoft was one of the rare press conferences that actually felt like a press conference. All the presenters get a special runners-up award for actually going on stage for this segment.


Winner: Kratos still doesn't wear a shirt.

With only one face gracing the Sony stage in what felt like a Youtube playlist of hit trailers rather than a press conference, a digital character ended up piquing style interest. The newest God of War trailer is filled with fatherhood angst, a giant sea monster, but it fails to answer the age-old question the hypermasculine series has never confronted: Why doesn't Kratos ever wear a shirt?

Runner-up: President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden, because he was actually on stage like twice. At least he wasn't wearing a Crash Bandicoot tee again.


Winner: Director Kenta Motokura and Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi's Super Mario Odyssey-themed hats.

As we learned in today's Nintendo Direct-like news briefing, Super Mario Odyssey is all about the hats. You use Mario's hat to adopt the identities of others—whether they are seemingly your enemies or otherwise. And for the Nintendo Treehouse demo showcase directly after the presser, Motokura and Koizumi were dressed for the occasion. They each wore enormous Super Mario Odyssey themed hats: a red one for Mario, and a giant white top hat as seen on a very classy Bowser.

Runner-up: The girl getting splattered with ink in a Nintendo Switch commercial. This is canonically what happens when you lose in a high-stakes esports competition of Splatoon 2. It's like getting slimed at the Kid's Choice Awards, but way more neon, and abit more uncomfortable looking.

Who's Gonna Be On Top?

Imagine that for this scenario, I am Tyra Banks, and this is Video Games' Next Top E3 Presenter. For E3 2017, we were dazzled by less presenters in most conferences than usual, and a whole lot of trailers. The winner of this contest? It's easy. But it's a tie.

Between actress and Star War enthusiast Janina Gavankar's envy-worthy Imperialist dress and Shigeru Miyamoto bullet bill gun-toting, they both deserve to win. Guns blazing or not. Miyamoto's was an unexpected twist on the signature classic blazer and graphic tee combo. Gavankar's look made me want to run out and buy a dress like it immediately (even if, to be honest, I don't really care about Star Wars all too much). Together, they both dominated the E3 press conferences with their impeccable style.

Edit: An earlier version of this accidentally repeated the runner-up for Bethesda under Ubisoft's. This has since been amended!

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