USgamer Community Question: What 20th Century TV Show Would you Like to be Made Into a Modern Game?

Perhaps the answer to this question will come to you immediately - or perhaps you might need to sit down and think about this one. Either way, what old TV show would you like to play as a game?

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Most of you grew up watching and loving TV shows from the '70s, '80s, and '90s — and perhaps some of you are even fans of earlier series from the '50s and '60s. Well, now it's time to think about which one of them you'd like to see turned into a modern-day video game.

Your choice is only limited by the fact that your nominated show must be from the last century. Once you've come up with your selection, please tell us a little about why you think it'd make a great game — perhaps by giving us an outline of how it might play.

While you take a trip down memory lane in search of the show you'd like to play on a modern console, here's what Team USG has chosen:

Jeremy Parish Editor-in-Chief

Back when I was a kid, there were two different shows on prime time about dudes who transformed: Manimal and Automan. The former was about a werewolf, while the latter was basically a giant Tron rip-off, not about a guy who turned into a car (that was the cartoon Turbo Teen. God, Reagan's America was so screwed up).

So anyway, I don't think either one necessarily would make for a great game on its own. But what if you combined them? I would absolutely love to see, in a twisted and admittedly ironic way, some developer acquire the rights to both of those TV shows (and you just know that '80s TV mogul Glen A. Larson, who produced both, is eyeballing those properties and wondering how he can cash in on the negligible nostalgia that exists for them) and combine them into a single property: Automanimal.

As to what form it should take… I leave that to some genius studio executive somewhere to decide. Should a tragic The Fly-like teleporter accident somehow cause Manimal and Automan to merge into a single being, creating an amazing fusion of special powers the results in a wolfman who can digitize himself and explore the virtual universe of the computer? Or should they team up, with Manimal fighting undead crime in the real world while Automan hacks vampire databases? I don't know, and honestly, I don't care. I just want it to happen, if only so that we have an ultimate example that we can hold up to demonstrate the creative toxicity of nostalgic pop culture recursiveness.

In that light, let's just make it a lazy iPhone game full of cheap Internet memes. Can Automan make all your base belong to him while Manimal dukes it out with Emperor Grumpy Cat? Who cares! Let's burn all pop culture to the ground!

Jaz Rignall Editor-at-Large

I read Cyborg, the book upon which this seminal TV show is based, when I was very young, and it had a huge impact on me. The idea of bionic parts being used to not only piece together a broken man, but to turn him into some kind of superhero just blew my nine-year-old mind. And when the book became a TV series and was shown on British TV, it immediately became a lifelong favorite.

So the thought of seeing Steve Austin getting a second chance to strut his funky bionic stuff in a modern-day video game is hugely appealing to me. I'd keep it strictly period, and have it set during the series' heyday of the mid-70's. An accurate period soundtrack would also be key, as well as Mr. Austin's penchant for safari suits and shirts with collars the size of a Boeing 747's wings. I mean, how much cooler could you get?

I'm thinking of a gun-free, third-person action game, with heavy stealth elements and plenty of puzzles involving his bionic arm, legs and eye (jumping, running, hand-to-eye coordination, visual analysis etc). Since Steve's arm has a built-in Geiger counter, the underlying theme of the game could well be Cold War nuclear-inspired - something that was never far away in the series. Perhaps an OSI mission in which Austin has to track down and disarm missing nuclear weapons in a pseudo-Bond, megalomaniacal plot. I'd love the game to perhaps feature the Bionic Man's nemesis, Maskotron - an android packing similar bionic-style technology to Steve's own implants. That could make for a really fun set piece or two.

Since bionics can be messed with via ultrasonics and temperature fluctuations, particularly cold, some interesting puzzles could be brought into play. And because the Bionic Man is ultimately human, there are plenty of other threats that could be introduced into the environment to ratchet up the challenge. The game could essentially have a "realistic" feel within the boundaries of its own limitations.

I think all that could add up to a really entertaining and fairly original game - one that you wouldn't necessarily have to know the source material to enjoy. I'd get a kick just out of hearing the theme tune at the start of the game! Oh, and those classic Bionic sound effects. Boop-boop-boop-boop-boop!

Mike Williams Associate Editor

Let's be honest, The Prisoner is one of the best television mini-series ever and it was far ahead of its time when it first aired in 1967. The British series was written and directed by Patrick McGoohan, who also happened to star in it. The show followed the trials and tribulations of an unnamed Secret Service agent who finds himself drugged and kidnapped upon resignation. He wakes up in a sleepy seaside town called The Village (the real-life town of Portmeirion, which still looks exactly the same as it does in the series).

The agent is given a new name, Number 6, and introduced to the status quo. Every other citizen of the island is in the same boat and they continue to live a comfortable existence as long as they toe the line and conform to their new situation. Every episode of the show involved Number 6's various attempts to escape from the island, And every episode brought Number 6 face-to-face with a new Number 2. Each Number 2 attempted to break Number 6's spirit and determine his real reason for resigning from the Secret Service; each failed and was in turn replaced.

“I will not make any deals with you. I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. I resign," Number 6 famously said in the series.

The Prisoner was a wonderful exploration of individual freedom, conformity, and oppression. Even better, the show was just plain weird. Parades, parasols, giant chess games, and big white enforcement balloons were the norm. There's so much material that would make an excellent adventure, especially in the Telltale style. Episodic Prisoner adventures? Sign me up!

It was either this or Twin Peaks, and they've already announced a Twin Peaks revival, so I'm going with The Prisoner.

Kat Bailey Senior Editor

My heart broke the day that Sierra's Yosemite Entertainment was shut down, effectively taking the Babylon 5 flight sim with them. I had so been looking forward to experiencing Newtonian space physics from the comfort of a Starfury cockpit, but it wasn't to be.

In the mid-to-late 90s, I was a huge fan of the J. Michael Straczynski's sci-fi opus, following it obsessively from the end of the second season on through its move to TNT and the (admittedly really bad) made-for-TV movies. A rousing space opera that borrowed from Tolkien and classic sci-fi alike, it was decidedly ahead of its time with its then-novel use of serialized storylines and CGI special effects. It admittedly doesn't hold up very well, particularly the overwrought dialogue and the cut-rate acting; but when this show is cooking, it's still deeply enjoyable. "Severed Dreams" and "The Coming of Shadows" are still two of my favorite hours of television ever.

Throughout the show's run, I hoped against hope that someone would come to their senses and make a game based on the Babylon 5 license, but no game seemed forthcoming. Finally, Sierra answered my prayers with a space combat sim slated to be released in 1999; but ultimately, nothing came of it. An attempt to resurrect it on the Xbox was likewise unsuccessful.

These days, Babylon 5 is largely forgotten despite repeated efforts by its creator to revive it as a feature film, with its contributions to serialized television having been buried by The Sopranos and those that followed it. Among gamers, it's mostly remembered via mods and fan projects like this one. I've long since given up hope of a resurrection for the series in the popular media (no, I don't think the new movie is getting made either), contenting myself with the knowledge that the original story was finished, and that it was ultimately quite good.

If someone came out and made an actual Babylon 5 space combat simulator using 21st century technology though? Oh yeah, I would buy that in a nanosecond. Where's Kickstarter when you really need it?

Bob Mackey Senior Writer

Konami's 1991 adaptation of The Simpsons just might be my favorite arcade game of all time. Sure, it's just a simple brawler based on a very familiar template, but the developers went above and beyond to convince passersby to surrender their valuable quarters--25 cents could nearly get you a menu item from Taco Bell back then! Even if they didn't get all of the details exactly right, The Simpsons arcade game remains a gorgeous love letter to the first few seasons of the show.

It's a shame, then, that King of the Hill didn't come into being just a half-decade earlier, because Mike Judge's tribute to/takedown of Middle America deserves the same intriguingly bizarre treatment. So, that's my pitch: King of the Hill interpreted through the same off-kilter lens that made Konami's The Simpsons so compelling--and since this is supposed to be a "modern" game, make it a neo-retro dealie, like the semi-recent Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

If you think about it, King of the Hill provides the perfect cast for a four-player brawler. You have Hank Hill, skilled in the art of old-fashioned Texas ass-kicking, Dale Gribble, with his trusty pocket sand and squirrel tactics, the sheer mass of Bill "The Billdozer" Dauterive, and Boomhauer's… well, I'm sure they could make him a ninja or something. And, just as Konami's The Simpsons turned Mr. Smithers into a jewel thief/mad bomber, this hypothetical King of the Hill: The Arcade Game could play just as fast and loose with the series' rules. Let's say Hank's rival M.F. Thatherton steals Arlen's entire propane supply to build his evil empire, forcing the town to grill their food with inferior combustibles. The only solution? Revenge against anyone who would do evil in the name of Sweet Lady Propane.

Unfortunately, the chances of this idea ever happening remain pretty low, despite King's recent resurgence thanks to countless reruns on Adult Swim. As it stands, the show's single video game adaptation took the form of a mini-game collection so lousy, few traces of it can be found on the Internet--hell, even Beavis and Butt-head got a pretty great LucasArts-style adventure game. So I've come to terms with the fact that this KIng of the Hill brawler will never be a real thing, despite being one of the best got-dang ideas for a vidya game anyone's ever thunk up. I tell you hwat.

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  • Avatar for MattG #1 MattG 3 years ago
    It's an absolute terrible shame that MGM could never see a Stargate SG-1 video game through to completion. There were attempts, but the studio pulled the plug on development every time. They tried it as a shooter, an MMO, a series of episodic interactive stories... it just never worked.

    A pal and I did a whole podcast episode on this topic earlier this year. There's so much untapped potential out there for licensed games.
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  • Avatar for karobit #2 karobit 3 years ago
    Get the lawyers on the phone because we need to hammer out the Harry Anderson's likeness rights for the new Night Court game. Engage in witty banter with Mac, the court clerk. Simmer with exasperation at the over-the-top arguments of prosecutor Dan Fielding. Cower in respectful fear at the mindless might of Bull the bailiff. If we reach our Kickstarter stretch goal, we'll bring a Go Pro and a container of ping-pong balls to San Diego Comic Con so that we can do some guerrilla mo-cap with Brent Spiner for his classic Bob Wheeler character.
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  • Avatar for boxofficepoison #3 boxofficepoison 3 years ago
    An alien isolation style take on Family Matters where you guide one of the winslows trying to hide from the Urkel, hiding under the living room couch, tracking the sound of his "did I do that".

    On a more serious note while I'd like an official babylon 5 game Mass Effect was pretty much B5 without the liscence.
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #4 MHWilliams 3 years ago
    @MattG I would've killed for a solid SG-1 or Atlantis game. I'm still waiting on SG-1 on Blu-Ray.
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  • Avatar for MattG #5 MattG 3 years ago
    @MHWilliams There's a few Atlantis episodes on Blu-Ray, but since most of SG-1 is not in HD, I doubt we'll ever see that on Blu-Ray.
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  • Avatar for GilJaysmith #6 GilJaysmith 3 years ago
    "The Avengers". Since the Arkham franchise doesn't look poised to make a game in the style of 1960s Batman, that uber-stylish 60s vibe and those proven rich open-world mechanics are available for the coolest UK crimefighting duo of the era, Steed and Mrs Peel. Explore swinging London while every bonkers Avengers plot happens at the same time, all needing to be thwarted. Cybernauts! Monster plants! Shrink rays! Doppelgangers!

    Failing that I'd settle for an FPS of "Thunderbirds" where you can shoot the strings above characters as well as the characters themselves.
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #7 airbagfin51 3 years ago
    First of all, this is probably your best weekend thingy ever. But then again, every week it gets better, but then yeah, this one is really the best ever. I think I love all of the shows you guys talked about but particularly Manimal and Babylon 5.

    Now, it may come as a surprise, but a Fantasy Island video game is actually not something I would like to see brought into the modern world. I don't think we're there yet, where there is any CGI or indeed any stage magic that can fully scope out the many directions one could fantasy-off into once someone nearby starts screaming about 'the plane, the plane!'.

    I will instead set a recommendation for UFO. This is a sort of derivative of Thunderbirds--actually, it is a little strange because it is almost as if they are using real live actors to mimic the dolls from Thunderbirds. I was only born towards the end of that decade, so the appeal of people that look like plastic dolls (popular during the era) is lost upon me, but what my six or seven year old mind did find awesomely cool (reruns) was how, basically, UFOs were being sent to Earth. Earth was strong, so we could blow as many UFOs away as possible.

    But (ah, and here is twist--there is always a twist), when you blow a UFO up, you actually got this awesome view of the interior of the UFO's cockpit breaking down, and the UFOs (who were apparently were engineered to look resemble humans--why?), their helmets cracked and sort of internally combusted, and green shit (their blood) went flying all over as they flew at great velocity towards the Earth!

    It's really that single experience. Spew your probiotic veggie drink all over your consoles, and then crash at great speed towards Earth, that I think would make for a pretty good video modern game experience. Esp. w/ VR taken into consideration, you could actually recreate the sensations of nausea the UFO may be feeling.

    Wow, okay, that's a little morbid. I take it back. I don't want that to be a game. Let's do Ultraman.Edited October 2014 by airbagfin51
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  • Avatar for thewonps #8 thewonps 3 years ago
    I want to play crossover SRPGs that are set in the respective universes of The WB teen dramas and David E. Kelley law shows. I need to level up Pacey's wit stat, but do I give him exp at the expense of the Roswell cast's multiplier bonus? Also, no one can defeat my team of Ally McBeal, Harry Senate, and the secretary from The Practice.
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #9 MHWilliams 3 years ago
    @MattG I have the Atlantis Blu-Ray box set. It's nice. I've heard that about Sg-1 and it makes me sad.
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  • Avatar for Thad #10 Thad 3 years ago
    Boomhauer's… well, I'm sure they could make him a ninja or something.

    Boomhauer is a Texas Ranger! It's revealed at the very end of the last episode.Edited October 2014 by Thad
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  • Avatar for SigurdVolsung #11 SigurdVolsung 3 years ago
    There could be many good ones, or many bad ones, especially when it comes to the old serials like Flash Gordan and Buck Rodgers and such. But I'd probably go with Alfred Hitchcock Presents, made by the SMT: Persona team.
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  • Avatar for Kat.Bailey #12 Kat.Bailey 3 years ago
    @boxofficepoison Only playing the "ancient enemy returning" trope straight. Sigh.
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  • Avatar for MattG #13 MattG 3 years ago
    @MHWilliams I've seen Atlantis in HD on Amazon Prime and my goodness it's gorgeous. It looks even better than when SyFy aired it in HD. Older SG-1 episodes though... yeesh... you can tell that the creators never intended us to be able to look too closely at some of the details.
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  • Avatar for docexe #14 docexe 3 years ago
    Mmmm… Has there ever been a videogame based on the A-Team? I suppose a group of outlaw protagonists with eccentric personalities, over the top cartoonish violence and zany improbable schemes has already been done in modern games (especially by something like, say, Saints Row). Yet somehow, I think it would fit.
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  • Avatar for bobservo #15 bobservo 3 years ago
    @Thad Yeah, but I assume he's off-duty when fighting Thatherton's thugs.
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  • Avatar for Happy-Mask-Salesman #16 Happy-Mask-Salesman 3 years ago
    How about a JRPG based on the It miniseries? It would basically be Earthbound with a murderous clown and it would be glorious
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #17 SatelliteOfLove 3 years ago
  • Avatar for jxnholt #18 jxnholt 3 years ago
    @bobservo I would SOOOOO play a King of the Hill Arcade game. (assuming it was a Konami belt-scroller like TMNT, The Simpsons, and X-men).

    There's just one problem; the plot you pitched isn't ridiculous enough. Hank had better somehow find himself searching for propane on the moon and/or battling aliens who's one weakness is propane and propane related accessories.

    Crap. Now I'm going to spend all afternoon thinking up more scenarios...
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #19 Kuni-Nino 3 years ago
    Batman Beyond. I would settle for an Arkham reskin, but Terry has to be able to fly and I need Gotham to have the insane verticality of the show's version of Gotham. Seriously, Gotham didn't look like it had a ground. Let me live life as Terry and have him working together with old-man Bruce and the new Justice League. Give me a playable Aqua Girl as well and old-man Static.
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  • Avatar for bobservo #20 bobservo 3 years ago
    @jxnholt The puppetmaster behind it all? Chuck Mangione.
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  • Avatar for Damman #21 Damman 3 years ago
    A proper 90's Law and Order game would be fantastic. I know Telltale made a game a few years back, but I was led to believe it's pretty broken. A game where you have to investigate the crimes and prosecute based on your own how you see the case would be rad.
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  • Avatar for metalangel #22 metalangel 3 years ago
    An episodic (as in, multiple short vignettes) I Love Lucy game would be great fun. An LA Noir-style Adam 12 game or maybe a suitably silly Voyage To The Bottom Of the Sea game?

    I vote for Adam 12 as LA Noir did the 40s, Police Quest did the 80s and 90s, so we have that nice gap right there.

    (okay, fine. The Dukes of Hazzard games on PS1 were great fun and perfect tributes, how about more like them?)
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  • Avatar for doozybot #23 doozybot 3 years ago
    Ever since I started watching the 70's tokusatsu Spiderman series by Toei I've wanted somebody to take Spider-man away from Beenox and make a new game based on that show. It would mostly follow the sandbox formula the games have gone with since Spider-man 2, with the key difference being that after defeating a boss as Spiderman, said boss would grow into its giant form and you would have to continue the fight in Spiderman's giant robot, Leopardon. Your main goal when fighting as Leopardon would be to weaken the boss until you can create an opening to use Sword Vigor on it to finish it off.

    Aside from Leopardon (and its aircraft form Marveller) Spiderman also has a super-car called the GP-7, which opens up tons of alternative modes of travel and vehicle missions. Also, his Spider sense works differently from the US Spider-man as it essentially serves as a form of ESP to tell him exactly where crime is happening throughout the city, which could be a neat way of conveying quest markers and such. And VHS filters! Lots of VHS filters!Edited October 2014 by doozybot
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #24 airbagfin51 3 years ago
    @doozybot Omg that sounds totally better that Sound of Music leftover Nicholas Hammond Spiderman!
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  • Avatar for hal9k #25 hal9k 3 years ago
    Awesome topic! That Starfury game cancellation broke my heart too,@Kat.Bailey . I wasn't even that into B5 yet - after the series ended, I became friends with a guy who had taped the whole series on VHS as it aired. He'd push stacks of tapes onto anyone willing and converted a bunch of us - I remember binge-watching Season 4 while home sick with my first flu. It was almost worth it - good times.

    Anyway, I'm going with the 60's series The Fugitive. A&E used to run it a ton before the Harrison Ford movie came out, and I got hooked on it. The movie was pretty faithful - basically, it's about a doctor falsely convicted of his wife's murder. He escapes from jail and ends up criss-crossing the country looking for evidence against the real killer, barely eluding the feds. For those who have seen the movie: remember the bit where he works as a hospital janitor? He saves a kid's life and gets identified by another doctor, who helps him escape because she realizes he's a good guy? Every episode was like that, but with a different job.

    There's the hook for the game - variety. The doctor had to con his way into every job you can think of (he'd start each episode in a new town with a different cover), so there could be some puzzles or minigames there: devs could riff on Crazy Taxi, Diner Dash, Trauma Center, whatever. They could work in some stealth to avoid the cops, and Ace Attorney logic - you can never escape from a town on your own, so you have to convince someone to trust you and help. Most episodes culminated in a car chase, so throw in driving. Shooting's out (you're emphatically not a killer), but a little fisticuffs wouldn't hurt. A few boss fights against the one-armed man, and I think it could work.
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  • Avatar for tsamba #26 tsamba 3 years ago
    How about a Three's Company rpg dating sim?
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  • Avatar for hal9k #27 hal9k 3 years ago
    @Happy-Mask-Salesman When I first read "It" in your post, I somehow replaced it in my head with "V." Same deal, just replace the clown with fascist, rodent-eating lizard people (that scared the crap out of me when I was 5).
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  • Avatar for Hero-Protagonist #28 Hero-Protagonist 3 years ago
  • Avatar for jessedylanwatson26 #31 jessedylanwatson26 3 years ago
    I think a graphic adventure version of Twin Peaks would be nice.

    Of course what I've always wanted is a LucasArts (actually, LucasFilm-era) graphic adventure version of The Burbs, but that's not a TV show.
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  • Avatar for jessedylanwatson26 #32 jessedylanwatson26 3 years ago
    @nimzy That would be awesome!
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #33 Captain-Gonru 3 years ago
    @docexe There was one on the 2600, but I'm totally down with the idea. Four player online would be sweet.
    Knight Rider would be awesome, too. Incorporate equal parts Spy Hunter and Splinter Cell. Or MacGyver, which could be a Cooking Mama clone.
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  • Avatar for Nazo #34 Nazo 3 years ago
    There was a B5 game called "I've found her" was meant to be pretty good.
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  • Avatar for ShadowTheSecond #35 ShadowTheSecond 3 years ago
    Telltale Games presents: The Twilight Zone, an episodic series. I imagine it would work best as taking a season to tell a single arc, similar to how the hit-and-miss current comic does it.

    It needs to happen, at least the episodic Twilight Zone part with or without Telltale.Edited 2 times. Last edited October 2014 by ShadowTheSecond
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  • Avatar for siamesegiant #36 siamesegiant 3 years ago
    A third person action game based on Martial Law. Playing as Sammo, kicking ass would be awesome, and perhaps they could incorporate some kind of rhythm mini game where you have to deliver lines phonetically. A second player could play as Arsenio, standing around watching.
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  • Avatar for boxofficepoison #37 boxofficepoison 3 years ago
    Spending a year in the life of a BNayside High student Persona style. Date your favorite saved by the bell cast member by day. dive through their subconsciousness at night to try and solve murders. Have Jesse accept that caffeine pill addicted Shadow Jessie is really a part of her.

    Although I can't even begin to imagine what a dungeon based on Screech's subconscious would look like.
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  • Avatar for hal9k #38 hal9k 3 years ago
    On further thought, I'm changing my answer - someone should make a M*A*S*H game. The internet tells me someone did in 1983, in which the player flies a helicopter to pick up wounded (somehow it looks like that Battle of Hoth Atari game), but I'm definitely thinking more of a surgeon sim.

    It would be really tough to write for, because I think there would be a fine line between going too dark vs. not taking the subject seriously. I haven't seen the show in years, so I'm not sure how it holds up or whether it would be worth following the show too closely. However, if done right, the game could be challenging to play and thought-provoking. Also a nice counterpoint to military shooters - instead of putting bullets into virtual people, try taking them back out.
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  • Avatar for #39 3 years ago
    I'd like to see the Brady Bunch meets Michael Myers. Uh, from Halloween, not Shrek.
    In which, of course, I mean the player gets to be Myers and one by one creatively slaughter every member of the bunch, including Tiger.
    That's off the top of my head anyway. Yeah, I got issues. But here would be a game to work those issues out!
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  • Avatar for brianalbers08 #40 brianalbers08 3 years ago
    Got to be "Cop Rock".

    As a Harmonix beat game, of course.
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  • Avatar for Daryoon #41 Daryoon 3 years ago
    I always wanted to see a Stargate game done in the style of X-Com. It was the perfect match!

    Also, a point-and-click MacGyver adventure. Finally, all those random item combination puzzles could have some context!
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  • Avatar for NukaColaClassic #42 NukaColaClassic 3 years ago
    Quantum. Freaking. Leap. It would be perfect if made into a Telltale episodic point-and-click adventure game, complete with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell's voiceovers.

    I actually wrote a little about this on Pixelitis. Pixelitis Picks: TV shows that need their own games
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  • Avatar for GaijinD #43 GaijinD 3 years ago
    Personally, after watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special last year, I'd really like to see a Fourth Doctor adventure game while Tom Baker is still healthy enough to provide his voice. Telltale seems the obvious choice, but I'd like to see more of a classic format game, as the material lends itself well to the goofy logic puzzles the genre is known for. I imagine all sorts of brainteasers could be devised around unusual uses for Jelly Babies.
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #44 SargeSmash 3 years ago
    @docexe : Man, you beat me to it. The A-Team was the first thing that popped in my head. I loved that show when I was a kid, to the point that my brother and cousins would "play" A-Team. I was Face... so I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Anyway, the variations of gameplay could be impressive, and we all know there would need to be a van-modification mini-game.

    Also, although everyone was packing heat, I don't think anyone actually got killed in the show, so that would be interesting as well. You could definitely go away from the usual cover-shooter mechanics.

    Plus, Mr. T. I mean, how can you go wrong?

    Another show that I would love to see in video game form is Agatha Christie's Poirot. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing David Suchet's version, you're doing yourself a disservice. Now, it's not like Poirot hasn't been in a video game before, but I can imagine that anything based on this particular version would capture much more of Poirot's odd mannerisms. So much of that series was characterization, and you could even spice it up with occasionally controlling Capt. Hastings. (In fact, I wonder if that would work better entirely from his or another character's view?)
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  • Avatar for Bremenacht #45 Bremenacht 3 years ago
    I like Gerry Anderson stuff, and would have said 'U.F.O' if it wasn't for XCOM having already done it, so I'll go for 'Space 1999' instead. A cross between moonbase-building, resource management and coping with the perils of directing your moon through a weird and hostile universe.

    You could probably throw everything in there, given the way the TV series went - tower defence, RTS, point and click..
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  • Avatar for Sgtkabukimen #46 Sgtkabukimen 3 years ago
    I don't know if Spellbinder is famous in the US.

    I will definitely play a game about that. Parallel worlds, magic, China, medieval stories.
    The plot would have to be changed a bit but the setting would make a great game.
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