What are the Best Apple Watch Games?

What are the Best Apple Watch Games?

We take a look at the Apple Watch launch lineup and pick out our early favorites. Updated as new games come out for Apple’s latest platform!

Want to know which Apple Watch games you should download on your brand new watch? We were lucky enough to pick up our newest tech toy and our first stop was the gaming category in the new Apple Watch App Store.

This article breaks down some of our favorite games for our shiny new toy, and be sure to check back as we add onto this list, and eventually break down the games by genre as the Apple Watch library grows.

The Best (as of April 26)


Developer: TheCodingMonkeys

If you’re looking for a stylish brain trainer, Rules! is the best one available on Apple Watch. The game displays four colorful icons and begins with one simple rule like "Tap in Ascending Order." Following the first rule successfully resets the board and brings on a second rule (like "Tap all Animals"), and it keeps resetting until you memorize up to ten rules for a board. Beautiful package for a clever game.


Developer: 3 Minute Games

Lifeline is one of a few text-based adventures that is a little more immersive due to the personal nature of the Apple Watch interface. In this game, you receive an emergency transmission from someone who crash-landed on an alien planet. It is your job to choose the right path for the person in distress, and Apple Watch notifications will subtly tell you when it’s time to continue the adventure. Very interesting story and looking forward to seeing how it plays out.


Developer: FreshPlanet

BoxPop fancies itself a chess game, but you only need to know how the knight over on a chessboard to advance through its puzzles. The boards display a bunch of boxes and your starting point, and it is up to you to move to other boxes in an effort to land on every box to move onto the next level. You can only use the knight move in chess (two squares across and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square across), so you better plot your course carefully.


Developer: EveryWear Games

Runeblade is best described as a light RPG, and an example of the type of game we should probably get used to on Apple Watch. The game itself is simple, with one attack delivered by tapping on an action button. The interesting part of this gorgeous game is in upgrading your weapon’s abilities, and exploring new lands and killing different creatures to collect gold. There’s not much to it, but we found ourselves going back to it often enough.

Trivia Crack

Developer: Etermax

If you haven’t played Trivia Crack yet, you’re missing out on the best mobile trivia experience, and a recent update has made it compatible with your Apple Watch. While the game requires that you start matches on your phone, spinning the category wheel and answering questions can all happen on your wrist. The graphics are also surprisingly vibrant, mimicking the iPhone version of the app. Always good for killing a few minutes, and hopefully learning a bit more about topics within science, geography, sports, and more.


Developer: NimbleBit

Letterpad works extremely well on the small screen, even though you need to begin your game on the iPhone. You’re given categories and a set of letters, and your task is to try and create words that fit the spaces that are provided. Hints are available, and the game does get very hard as you move on, but it stays fun and keeps your brain active.

Letter Zap

Developer: Fanatee

Letter Zap is another word game, but unlike Letterpad, you’re just given letters and spaces to fill within the allotted time. The game puts you under some pressure due to the timer, but the only competition is yourself and the last high score you achieved.

Battle Camp

Developer: PennyPop

An obvious genre for the Apple Watch is the virtual pet one, and Battle Camp shows off a great integration between the little hatchling that you want to raise into adulthood, eventually handing it off to the larger adventure game on your iPhone. Much like an old school Tamagotchi (which is also available on Apple Watch), Battle Camp uses very cute pixel art to entice you to care about your new digital friend, and it ended up working as we grew our baby pets into fierce, proper monsters (as good parents do).

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